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Writer's Block: 9/11

Where were you?

Ten years ago, I was listening to sports talk radio on my usual drive to work, when the host said a plane of some type had hit the World Trade Center.
I immediately thought how a pilot could possibly miscalculate so badly, and it must have been a heart attack or some such. A feeling of regret for the possible deaths went through my mind, but was quickly put aside, as this didn’t affect me. New York City was so far away and I didn’t know anyone there.

Then the second plane hit, and I couldn’t believe it – two accidents within the same morning! What the hell was going on? Naïve much? Yes.

It never occurred to me that it was a terrorist attack. The host actually had to say it before my brain could even come up with that answer.

I arrived at work shortly afterwards, and my boss didn’t even know what had happened. While scurrying around preparing for patients, we turned on the radio to try to get some info.

And then the Pentagon was hit, which scared us because my brother worked somewhere in Washington, and we didn’t know if he was in danger.

My sister was sick that day, and she called from home periodically to give us updates. We couldn’t bring in any TV, because the building we were in disrupted all signals. I never saw any pictures until I got home from work and I was shocked, to put it mildly.

Tuesday was dart night, and I had to be at the bar by 7pm, so I flipped on my VHS to tape CNN and left. The bar had a TV set off to the left of the dartboard, and we all watched replays of the horrific events.

What a strange match, everyone so somber. And angry. So very angry. I do not even recall if I won my games or who ultimately won the match. Minor details - who really cared at that point.

No one I know lost any friends or family on that day.



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