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More Meme Answers

Meme questions from sntmentalfkness  (boy, that's a pain to type out.  I had to write it down on paper!  derp.)

1) Are there any celebrities that you look up to?
2) What is the appeal of the Predator for you?
3) How do you feel about some states requiring helmets on motorcyclists?
4) Do you possess any quirky fears?
5) Would you rather live in a different era of time?

1.  No.  Celebs are not worth idolizing, in my opinion.  I can respect some of them, or think they are probably good people.  But to wish and try to be like any of them - no.

2.  *purrr, chatter, click, click*    Ah, that Predator sound is sexy.  Makes me think of laying in bed all hot and sweaty with a special someone growling in my ear.  
I like the fact that Preds are at the top of the food chain, have space travel, collect trophy skulls (that makes me wonder if my skull collection was inspired from watching the movies?), are humanoid with ripped abs (and other bits) and they don't take shit from anyone.  They have a strict honor system and play by special rules.  Unless you're a Bad Blood, of course.  
I think their masks are extremely erotic.  What is under there?  Well, we really don't want to know ["You're one ugly motherf-"] - yet we do want to know.  Curiosity killed the human.  I like the simpler masks best - Wolf's had just enough kibble.  
And, I've read the females are even deadlier than the males.   *smirk* 
I don't believe in xeno sex though.  The Preds wouldn't lower themselves to mate with humans, unless they are perverted.  I mean, humans don't normally have sex with cows.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
3.  I don't believe in 'nanny states'.  That bullshit about protecting us from ourselves is...is...bullshit.  I'm an adult and if I want to take the chance of ending up in a coma, that is my problem.  Don't tell me I HAVE to wear a helmet or what type of helmet is 'approved' or I'll have to pay a tax get a ticket.  You lives your life and takes your chances.  ADULT, people.  Leave me alone.  As you can tell, helmet laws annoy me.  I feel the same about seat belts.  
Rant said, I ride with a full face helmet.  And all other protective gear - jeans, boots, gloves, jacket.  I am not stupid - but IT IS MY CHOICE.  I have ridden sans beanie a handful of times, and it is awesomely cool.  The wind hitting your face with no blockage (we won't mention the bugs) - I swear, it feels good.  That's why dogs stick their heads out the car windows!  Same feeling.  

4.  Define 'quirky'.  I think that has different meanings to different folks.  I have fears like any other normal human.  I am afraid of spiders, water, death, losing my glasses, riding a motorcycle, getting old, never finding another love, cancer, going blind, rabid animals, my house burning down, having babies (although it's too late for that now!), cutting my leg off with the chainsaw, heights, making a fool of myself in public.  
I think that about covers it.  

5.  Hmm.  That is hard to say.  I do know that I wouldn't want to live in the past.  Life sucked for women, even as recent as the 1960's.  I mean, pretty much you were baby machine.  And I never wanted kids.  I don't like babies.  Sorry, no mother instinct at all.  But, I am straying from the question.  If I had the choice, I would choose a time in the future where space travel was common.  I would love to travel to distant planets and see other lifeforms.  I think that desire was why I got into reading so much sci-fi in high school.  
Plus, I would think in the future life spans would be over a thousand years, and I wanna live forever.  

Those were good questions, Q.

If anyone else wants questions from me, reply with...
"What's under your mask?"



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Aug. 15th, 2011 02:23 am (UTC)
For number two:
Yet, in one of the series' books, one propositioned a human. >.>

She turned him down.

Aug. 15th, 2011 06:03 am (UTC)
You are not the first to complain about the name. It has special meaning to me, but it's not worth the confusion and difficulty to others. It costs $20 to change your name on here! I could delete the account and start over, but it's too much honking work.

Re: 2. Must go back and watch the movie now that I read this different outlook. I won't feel the same as you, but perhaps I'll be able to say, "Ooooh, I get it now!". LOL

Re: 3. I agree with you. PA will fine you for no helmet on a bike, and no seatbelt. I can see fining parents for not strapping in their children, but adults? GTFO! Stop trying to save us from ourselves. I thought this country was the land of the free. HA!

Re: 4. I should've said "odd phobias". What lead me to list this was one friend telling me she is petrified of Renaissance Faires, and another telling me that a pile of googly eyes sends her running. Seems like the terms fear and phobia can mean different things to people.

Re: 5. Gods help me if I would've been born back in the day when women were meant for domestication. We are going to see "The Help" on Friday, and I am going to cringe whenever I see the portrayals. Not only of the black maids, but of the women who are brought up to marry well, be prim, and procreate.
Aug. 15th, 2011 06:29 am (UTC)
Totally agree with you about the "past era" question. Society was a lot worse for a lot of people in "the good old days". Plus, I enjoy things like the internet, cell phones, modern medicine, etc.
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