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Meme answers

The questions mmouse15  gave me for the meme (seems like 3 weeks ago).

1. The zombie apocalypse is happening. You have the ability to warp in five people, a one time thing. Who do you choose for your zombie combat team and why?
2. What is your favorite holiday?
3. What's your favorite fictional character and if you had the chance to meet them, would you?
4. You have the ability to take a dream vacation with everything taken care of. Where do you go?
5. Where did you get your user name? I think I know, but I'm curious!

1. I'm presuming you mean fictional characters, since no one in real life would be worth a damn during a zombie apocalypse.  And you specified 'people'  so I can't use any Predator or Tformer characters.  :(   
I would be so much deadwood on my team.  

a.  Duke Nukem.  He has vast experience dealing with invading aliens and would be a definite asset in any fighting force.  He's saved the world - what - at least 7 times already?  By himself!   Just point him at a zombie and tell him the zombie drank his beer.  Goodbye zombie.  Plus, he's hot and I'd love to tap that asset.  [You know, that was the first video game I ever played.  Used those old shareware floppies.  Good times!]

b.  Mr. Spock. Half human, so he counts.  He's no Prowl for logistics, but I think he's pretty slagging close.  We need someone who can make plans.  

c.  Merlin.  Although Harry Potter is pretty good, I don't think he can stand up to 'The Greatest Wizard of All Time'. Plus, I'm old school.  teehee.   Magical back-up is high on my list.  Merlin's probably my SIC.  

d.  Isabelle, the sniper gal from 'Predators'.  We need a kick-aft shooter, and this was the only female I could think of for this position.  And I purposely chose a female for this, just so I wouldn't look totally chauvinistic in my team. I also don't think I could handle that much sex Face it, most women are just not made to fight and are better suited to support positions.  It's a fact - men are stronger.  Even a small man can (probably) kick a large woman's aft.  But, that's another debate.  Using guns at a distance, equality at last.  

e.  Legolas.  But, he has to look like Orlando Bloom did in the movie.  *drool*  OK, OK, I admit he's added because of being primo eye candy, but he is another kick-aft warrior.  If he has a little bit of magic in him, all the better.  


2.  Probably Memorial Day.  I'm a sucker for all the 'fly-the-flag' holidays.  Plus, it means true summer is just around the corner and I can ride.  Halloween's a close 2nd.  I hate Christmas. 

3. Ah, I don't know if I have a single, favorite fictional character. It could be a Tformer. No Predators, as that could end badly.  Ooh, ooh!  Dr. Frank-N-Furter.  Mmm.  "Come up to the lab and see what's on the slab."  Sure thing, babe!  For science! 

4.  Hawaii.  And I would try my best to not come back.

5.  Midnight Rider - Allman Brothers.  In the original MTV video (remember when MTV played songs, not reality TV?) a motorcyclist was chased by the cops.  At the end you found out the rider was a blond woman.  Like me!  Well, not exactly like me - she was way cuter.  But, close enough.  
Not everyone figures it out.  

Check out those beautiful cars.  I'm a Dodge girl.  

This is a fun meme.



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Aug. 12th, 2011 01:55 am (UTC)
1. I like your zombie team!
2. That's a good holiday. My fave is Thanksgiving.
3. ZOMG, I love Dr. Frank-N-Furter! He's so over the top he's hilarious! Tim Curry did awesomely in that role!
4. XD That would be a fun vacation!
5. I thought so! Whoot! I was right! Yes, I love the old Dodges. Pft. I love the older cars, period. I did a lot of rebuilding of cars with my sibs when we were younger. I'm a pro at rebuilding carburetors and redoing wiring.
Aug. 12th, 2011 02:56 am (UTC)
Ha, I think I could survive with that team!
Mmmm, pumpkin pie.
I love, love, love, Tim Curry's voice. That's one of my fav movies, I know all the lines.
Volcanos for the win!
You is a smart lady! Ooh, I'm jealous you can do car stuff. Changing the oil is about as far as I can go. Muscle cars are love.

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