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I spend way too much time on the Magistream site.  Obsession to the extent that - morning, lunch and night - Magistream is the first site I open up to check out my creatures and see what's for sale.  I can sit for hours just mining gold and messing around.  And I use my phone throughout the day to check progress.  Very bad.  I must control myself.  
[Merion knows how addicting it can be, right?]
But, anywho,

One of the other magi had a birthday giveaway.

It didn't cost anything to ask for creatures, but she wanted the people to whom she gifted to play out the scene she set up.  I guess it is kind of a role play thing.  I don't know if that is how RP games go, since I have never looked into them.  
So, to thank her for the cool creatures (actually, hot creatures since they included a phoenix and fire gryphon) I received, I tried my best to play her game.  Yummyquik is my magi name.  

Her prompt:
'Ah, your journey will require you to seek things far and wide. To aid you I’ll give you an Etainian Quetzalcoatl who can soar through the sky and show you things you might not see.'  ”

And the following is is what I wrote.  (Glissade is my naga ally, and Salome is my mermaid ally.)  


Excerpts from Glissade’s memoirs:   

… and that Yummyquik, what a time we had together! I recall one adventure undertaken for a fellow Magi. Anita the Accumulator she was called to her face. Behind her back they called her Pack Rat. But, she showed them, oh yes she did. But, that is another story.

Anita and Yummyquik got along very well, as Yummyquik had a predilection for…pack rat-ery herself. Heh. Those were the days. But, I digress.

Anita had sent Yummyquik on a journey…my native soil, the Raza jungle was the first stop....We were looking for a specific flower that bloomed only once every hundred years. Reported to have magical properties….

The Quetzalcoatl Anita presented us with proved invaluable, since the flower bloomed at the top of the canopy. Both Yummyquik and I were both too heavy to scale to the top of the trees, but the Quetzalcoatl was able to just fly up and neatly pluck the blooms from the stems. What was that beast’s name…?


Yummyquik’s Journal – Monday, Third Month, Fifty-eighth Year.

Now I’m off to the Callisto Islands. Anita needs a specific coral found only on the Eastern shore of Rone, under the sea. I was able to get a message to Salome, and she will meet me on the shore at midnight in one week’s time…No problem in arriving, my hippogryph could have flown me twice as far! I love traveling over the sea. It is so pretty. As long as the weather cooperates, of course.
Upon arrival, I came across an old mariner who lived just off the beach. He was very helpful in pinpointing the exact location of the coral site. In thanks, I left him a couple of my Viridis Crabs to help him preserve certain foods that spoil quickly in the heat.
I think I’ll go back and visit on my next holiday.
I saw a painting of his unmarried son…. Yum.

Yummy ♐


Portion of a sales receipt from Euclis’ Magi Market in Voltar

Phoenix gloves, teflon coated
Hippogryph treat mix
Spices – Cinnamon
Jo Jo Bar pepper
Puvia flakes
Basilisk leaves
Rosemarie leaves
Ground Owie pepper
Cumulous powder
Sunflower seeds
Pumpkin seeds
3 cases Red Stag Whiskey
Belled necklace (links added to fit fire gryphon at no charge)
Egg wrap – 4 lengths
Jade ball

Total – 357,210 gold


Etain Desert Oasis - Story handed down from Storyteller to Storyteller in the Tepes Gypsy Camp

Let me tell you children, of the time a Magi from The Keep journeyed here to our little corner of the world. What makes this Magi special was the circumstances of her arrival and what followed. She had been caught in a sandstorm, along with her magical creatures, and my great-great-great grandmother was the one who found them lost in the desert. Grandy was able to lead them all here to our camp at the oasis. We never found out what caused the Magi to be lost, but in thanks for our assistance, she left us with some magical Vasant Beetles to help keep our oasis fertile. And, as an added bonus, everyone in camp was treated to a ride on the Hippogryph….


Yummyquik’s Journal – Wednesday, Fourth month, Fifty-eighth Year.

Holy slag. I am beat. I need to sleep for a week, at least.
Just got back from a quest. ‘Anita’s Journey to the Pit and Back.’ Yeah, that’s what I’m officially calling it. And I thought my quest to the Caves of Nareau was hard.
I think I hit all four corners of the known world – and three corners of the unknown. Ug.
I’m gonna get that magi who attacked me in the Etain Desert. We almost died, and if it hadn’t been for that gypsy teen…I don’t even want to think about it.
I have an idea who it was, but I need proof. Look out Merion, I’m watching you!
But, anyway. I learned quite a bit, and brought back some fabulous feathers for my collection. Very disappointed that I never came across any dodos, but there’s always next time.
A plus that Anita allowed me to keep the creatures she sent to assist me. I look forward to introducing them to my other ‘kids’.
Everyone’s fed and bedded down for some serious, well-deserved rest.
And as for me, I am off to berth.
Wake me at your peril.

Yummy ♐


I was pretty happy with it, and so was the gifter, as she sent me a nice PM.  Thought I'd share. 
Now, I'm off to work. 

If you want to check out my Keep, go here:

This is my Keep Guardian.  Just thought I'd show you because she is so cool. 


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Jul. 15th, 2011 11:33 pm (UTC)
*Merion waves cheerfully and innocently*

"Wake me at your peril." made me laugh. That would make a good embroidered pillow.

Also, "hippogryph treat mix". :D *stirs around the contents to look for sunflower seeds*

Your keep guardian is beautiful!
Jul. 16th, 2011 03:52 pm (UTC)
Yeah, you look all innocent and stuff...but are you, really?
*suspicious of everyone after that adventure*

I thought that 'wake me' line was funny, if I do say so myself.

I liked the sales receipt section best. Especially the sunscreen.

I love my tasharn. I need to find a male. They're not too expensive, around 200k, but kind of rare. Like my dodo's. :(
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