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Call the Fashion Police!

I'm looking for a little fashion advice or info, especially from you guys in the South.  

You may recall that I'm going to go to my niece's wedding in Oklahoma City near the end of this month.  Well, my sis-in-law expressed the preference for me to wear a dress.   >:(  
Geez, I wore a sundress to the HOF, but prior to that event, I hadn't worn a dress in 8 years.  I found something decent, but I am in a dilemma.  
Since this is a pretty formal event, I ask youz guys - nylons or bare leg?  

Your responses will influence what shoe I choose - open toe slingback with nylons, closed toe shoe with naked toes.  

Bear in mind - 
#1 - I am an old lady.  Nothing sexy about my legs, especially with the slight scarring from my m/c crash.  Dress hits below the knee.  
#2 - I've got a serious white leg thing going on.  No tan, and no time to get one.  I suppose I could try some of that fake stuff, but it usually doesn't go on very well by the feets.
#3 - Hotness.  I don't mean how stunning I will look, but the temperature.   I hear it's pretty hot down there.  Maybe thigh-highs?  
#4 - I do have cute toes.  

I know, it's a stupid question.  But, I seriously don't know what to do and I know different areas of the country have different customs.
My sis-in-law is no help - I asked her and she didn't give me any answer.  I won't tell you what I'm leaning towards, I want to hear what your opinions first.
Help me friend-list!  



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Jul. 8th, 2011 11:29 pm (UTC)
hmmm, I haven't seen anyone of any age wear pantyhose in at least 12 years...

much cooler without, the few time I wore nylons I was sliding all over inside the shoes, I think I have more control without

even wearing shorts around the house you will get a little tan base going

Jul. 8th, 2011 11:32 pm (UTC)
1. Excellent choice of length
2. Neutrogena self tanner works really well and doesn't look fake, especially if you have a light hand.
3. Thigh highs or even knee highs, depending upon the length of the dress, but I go bare-legged. It's too hot to wear nylons of any length IMO.
4. but slingbacks! worth the thigh highs, at least.

It's hot and humid, especially this time of year. They will have the A/C cranked to maximum. Believe me or not, bring a light sweater for indoors. That A/C gets cold!
Jul. 9th, 2011 12:04 am (UTC)
You'd be much more comfortable sans-hose. And the requirement for hose has been out for a good while now. Also, even though I'm in my 20s, my legs are whitewhitewhite (I burn instead of tan, and I try to avoid burning, hence no color to my legs. lol) and I'll have random bruises, stubble from where I hadn't shaved in a few days, and whatnot. I try to be shaved for work and formal events, but nothing you can do about bruises or veins that show through transparent skin. lol So whiteness and scars shouldn't be a problem. I say go without! :D
Jul. 9th, 2011 04:46 am (UTC)
If you wear the open toe, you do not wear hose. Closed toe, yes on the pantyhose. You never show a toe seam or netting around your toes.

If your legs are pale, DO NOT wear suntan hose to make them look tanner. It just looks fake. DO NOT EVER wear white hose. Go for nude or bare. A thicker hose hides a multitude of sins, but can make you pretty warm. No patterned hose in the summertime. You want to look as uncluttered and simple as possible in the summer.

If you want to wear the open toes, take $15 or so and have your nails painted in a tame color by a pro. I'm not talking full-on pedi, just a painting (if you can't do it yourself). Painting the nails will hide any toenail weirdness, adds femininity, but a mellow shade won't draw the eye to your feet, which you seem to be self-conscious about. A bright or dark color would. Shoot, I'd do it for you myself if I lived closer. I do my own mani/pedis.

Working for CVS, I had SO MANY people return airbrushing kits and tan-in-a-can/bottle products because they sucked. You'll look worse with streaky legs or too orange/too dark legs than you will with white legs. People are more tolerant of white legs- it's so common.

I LOVE thigh highs, but be sure you get some with elastic in the band so they stay up. FYI, they never stay up for too long. It's physics. LOL

Post pics of you in your outfit! :-)
Jul. 9th, 2011 05:41 pm (UTC)
As a Southerner myself (and the apparent minority, preference-wise), I vote pantyhose (thigh-highs are good if you're thinking you'll overheat). You can get hose that are made to be worn with open-toed shoes without showing any seam, or just wear closed shoes. I hate wearing dress shoes without pantyhose; they always stick to my sweaty feet in the summer. Bleck! You can find nice "nude" pantyhose that won't look like you're wearing anything at all. Those are mah fave. Or, sans hose, instead of dress shoes just wear nice, open sandals that you won't have to pry off with a spatula later on if your feet sweat a bit. ;)

Edited at 2011-07-09 05:43 pm (UTC)
Jul. 11th, 2011 05:33 am (UTC)
Is the wedding daytime or nighttime? If daytime, bare legs are probably okay even if it's relatively formal. If it's nighttime, I'd go for the hose, thigh-highs are okay (just make sure the hose is nude colored and doesn't have seams for the open toe shoes if you go that route.

If it's formal enough (or expensive enough) that everyone's dressed up--men in suits (rather than slacks/nice shirt)and women in (formal and not summery-type) dresses, I'd wear hose to it to be on the safe side.

Also, check the weather, it's very hot in this area-(live in TX close to OK) and the temps are averaging 100 and over. If the wedding's outdoors, screw it and wear shorts! :-)
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