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What the HELL is New York State doing?

New York State is a lost cause. We are going down the tubes. No wonder we are called ‘The Tax Me State.’ Funny, huh. Well, not to me.

From what I understand, we had a $16 million dollar deficit, and the “3 men in a room” (the Governor, the Senate Majority Leader and the Assembly Speaker) came out with a new budgetof $131 million. Sorry, $131.8 million. Can't forget that .8. They actually INCREASED spending by 8.7% !!! What the hey!

If you have a deficit, you need to cut spending, not increase it. What part of this don't they understand? Apparently, all of it.

Now, I have to budget my money, as I am not independently wealthy. I try to stay within my means and not overspend because I have no one that I can send a tax bill to. I don’t have cable TV, I use crappy dial-up for my computer, I heat my house with wood, I don’t go out to dinner more than once a week, I have 2 jobs, my cell phone is basic with no frills, my TV is about 8 years old and I’d really love a new one. I spend my entertainment budget on my bike and Tformer crap. I know I should save more, but I make my choices and have to live with them.

The governor said that tough choices were made. Who made the choices? Not me. This budget will require us poor slobs to pay more to go hunting and fishing (I do both), drive a car or motorcycle (yep, both for me), have health insurance (I’m lucky my boss pays mine), operate lights (um, yeah. I’m not a cat to see in the dark), heat the house (didn’t my gas bill go up last year?), own a cell phone (well, at least I don’t use texting.), smoke cigarettes (one vice I never did) drink beer (good thing I’m a whisky girl!), wine (only once in a while), and bottled water (OK, now I’m really getting pissed!).

Too few people with too much money calling the shots. They don’t care – it’s not their money! It’s MY money! Aarrggh!!!

If I were Queen of the World….

What can we do? Not much. The system is broken and corrupted. It’s all about power and the drive to accumulate more and more power. As long as my buddies and I are doing well, who cares about the little guy.

No society has ever taxed its way to prosperity.

If I didn’t have family here, I’d move. Maybe to Pennsylvania. It’s almost not worth staying here. No wonder people are leaving the state like rats from a sinking ship. More and more folks will pack up and leave, and the rest of us stupidos will have to pick up the slack.

I can’t write any more, I’m making myself depressed.

Oh, one more thing. If the thought of Obama taking control of the auto industry doesn’t scare you, then you aren’t paying attention.
Is your business next on his list?


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Mar. 31st, 2009 10:08 pm (UTC)
This may shock you, but down in the great state of Oklahoma there lives a family....(get this)....is RELATED TO YOU! And would LOVE for you to move this a way!
Come on! Everyone has a motorcycle (except me), has a big truck (which again I dont have, I'm starting to sound liberal), loads of guns, hates Obama, hunts and fishes!
Mar. 31st, 2009 11:28 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I know. But I can't leave ma and Barb. The office would collapse without me!
Besides, I thought your dad was considering coming back up here eventually to take over the farm when Barb and Lar die. So you-all should come up here!

Hey, I made you 2 icons. Go into my profile and check out my userpics. I called them "L cute" and "L dorky". Bwahahaha!
Copy them!

Apr. 23rd, 2009 06:20 am (UTC)
thats just evil! in so many ways!
Apr. 23rd, 2009 12:40 pm (UTC)
What's evil? I don't get it.
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