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Reminds me of Rick, because the numbers 11-11 had a long, drunken, funny story attached to them. It involved falling off a barstool and waking up in the bushes. Ah yes, young men are so stupid....

Red Alert, my beta fish died yesterday. I knew he was in a bad way because his color was off and he wasn’t moving much. Fish are hard to handle when they are dying. I mean, what can you do for them? As far as I know, there are no fish doctors. I felt guilty because I didn’t know if he was suffering. How silly is that?

I buried him in my pet cemetery this morning. You know, the one behind the garage on the old Indian burial ground. Good thing the snow is gone and the ground is soft.
Speaking of books to movies, I was disappointed in the movie adaptation of that particular book. If I really enjoy a book, I usually find the movie never quite lives up to my expectations. One of those Potter movies, I don’t remember which one as I have lost interest, also let me down.

But seriously, I’ve been living here long enough (16 years) that I do have a pet cemetery behind the garage. Out here in the boonies, we can do that - you just want to make sure the cemetery is downstream from your well! Our first dog, Buck is there. He’s the one that got me through my husband’s death. He was the best dog - truly a “Good Dog”.

The mouse we named Lunch was buried in his own little pine box. We had him for a couple years (Coco loved to watch him scurry around the cage). He was pretty cute, but I don’t think I would want another rodent for a pet. Sorry Q, nothing against ratties, but their lifespan is too short and my poor bleeding heart couldn’t stand the sadness. Lunch was only a pet because we had bought 3 baby mice to feed our corn snake, Oscar, and Oscar would only eat 2. Poor, unlucky bastards. Oscar is buried there, also. And another beta fish I called BB, for blue beta.

And Coco (official name of Coquette), my bestest kitty ever. I had her for 18 years. She and Buck have plaques with little animal statues at the head of their plots. And Buck rated an evergreen tree.
I guess this turned into a reflective post.

Enough of that crap.

No resolutions for me. Years ago I resolved to not make anymore resolutions, and I am proud to say I have stuck to that statement like a piece of toilet paper that sticks to your shoe when you leave the public bathroom at work. Um, yeah.

I believe it was aleph abyssal who said a few years back that the first song you heard on the new year is a hint of what was to come.
Now, this theory is not yet proven, my thesis research only started 2 years ago.
First song in 2009 was ‘Gonna Fly Now’ (Theme from Rocky) and 2010 was Journey’s ‘Any Way You Want It’.
In retrospect, I think I really threw off my depression in 2009 and the fact that I was determined to go to Botcon and I did. Maybe there is something to this song stuff after all.

Well see how this year's song works for me.

(William Scaggs and David Paich)
Baby's into runnin' around
Hanging with the crowd
Putting your business in the street talking out loud
Saying you bought her this and that
And how much you done spent
I swear she must believe it's all heaven sent
Hey boy, you better bring the chick around
To the sad, sad truth, the dirty lowdown

(Whooooo, I wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder who)
Taught her how to talk like that
(Whooooo, I wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder who)
Gave her that big idea

Nothing you can't handle, nothing you ain't got
Put the money on the table and drive it off the lot
Turn on that ole lovelight and turn a maybe to a yes
Same old schoolboy game got you into this mess
Hey son, better get on back to town
Face the sad old truth, the dirty lowdown

(Whooooo, I wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder who)
Put those ideas in your head
(Whooooo, I wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder who)
Come on back down earth, son
Dig the low, low, low, low lowdown

You ain't got to be so bad got to be so cold
This dog eat dog existence sure is getting old
Got to have a Jones for this Jones for that
This running with the Joneses boy
Just ain't where it's at
You gonna come back around
To the sad, sad truth, the dirty lowdown

(Whooooo, I wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder who)
Got you thinking like that boy
(Whooooo, I wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder who)
(I wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder who)
(Say whooooo, I wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder who)
Ooooooh look out for that lowdown
That dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty lowdown
(Whoooo I wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder who, ohh, ohh)
Got you thinking like that

So, good riddance to 2010, and welcome 2011, where there will be ‘nothing you can’t handle’.

Off I go to do some cleaning in the basement. I took 8 bags (!) of clothes to Goodwill yesterday and I have to put my trunks back in the corner. The place is a mess.
Hmm, I wonder if my bike will start? It’s 55 degrees and all the snow is gone. If it does, I’m gonna take a quick ride around the block, rain or no rain. Heehee. That’s a great way to start off the year!


[Note to self: no more adoptions until these hatch.]
[I mean it, control yourself.]
[I’ll tell mom.]



( 9 comments — Leave a comment )
Jan. 1st, 2011 05:56 pm (UTC)
Happy New Year!
Great reflections, may you handle 2011 well :)
Jan. 2nd, 2011 01:52 am (UTC)
Re: Reflection
Same to you.
May we both ride 10,000 miles!

Oh, bike started, but it was pouring so I didn't ride. :(
Jan. 2nd, 2011 12:12 am (UTC)

Poor fish. May he rest in peace.
And poor you, I can imagine better things happening at the beginning of a new year ^^"
Jan. 2nd, 2011 01:54 am (UTC)
And Happy New Year to you, BR!

Hey, Red had a good life. All my pets are spoiled rotten. When I die, I wanna come back as my pet. Um, is that possible? Maybe in another dimension. Whatever....

Jan. 2nd, 2011 02:17 am (UTC)
no ride
Dang~ I thought Chuck saw you ride by my house! There's more than one crazy in our area!!! :-D
Jan. 2nd, 2011 02:23 am (UTC)
Re: no ride
I would have stopped in, not just ridden by!
Ah well, the thought was there.
Jan. 2nd, 2011 04:23 am (UTC)
I love people that adore their pets XD

Happy New Year!!
Jan. 2nd, 2011 07:06 pm (UTC)
I see you're no slouch in the pet adoration department either!
Hugs to you.
Jan. 7th, 2011 03:59 pm (UTC)
Happy New Year!!!

I'm sorry about your fishie. Despite raising a beloved hamster named Turbo from birth to his death almost two years later, I tend to prefer longer-lifespan pets, too. I want a kitty. :3
( 9 comments — Leave a comment )



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