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Primary Day

I did my patriotic/civic duty and went out to vote in the primary today. Actually, it’s the first time I felt the need to vote in a primary, as most of the candidates are shoe-ins and there really is no point. Otherwise, I have always voted in all official elections since I was 18 (long, long ago), whether it was a national election, local, or for school budgets. 

But there is a pretty hot race for the Republican candidate this year in NY. New kid on the block, Carl Paladino is going against an entrenched Rick Lazio. I’ll give you two guesses for which candidate I cast my vote. 

Paladino is backed by the ‘tea party’ and is from WNY. Lazio is a ‘downstate’ boy (if you live around here – WNY - you have to say ‘downnnstayttt’ with a sneer) and he pulls in the votes from NYC and the areas around. 

Now, you really have to live in the area understand the animosity that exists between the two opposite ends of the New York State. From around the city of Albany over to the East is a strong liberal Democrat party stronghold. But, West of Albany we’re more conservative. Unfortunately since the bulk of the population is over in the East, they swing the vote 95% of the time to the Democrats. Hence, New York is considered a ‘blue state’. 


Paladino has a decent chance to win the Republican nod in the race for governor. The polls have them almost equal, it will all come down to numbers – who actually came out and supported their candidate. So in this particular instance, every vote counted. I guess we’ll see in another hour or so how my pal Carl did. 

I don’t hold much hope for him to win the actual governor’s race if he does get nominated. See paragraph 4, above. The Democratic nom will probably be Andrew Cuomo, who will get elected just because his name is Cuomo (his father was Governor from 1983 to 1994) and he’s a Dem. Name recognition, you know. Even though papa Mario was one of the main reasons the state is in such a decline. And people don’t care/don’t know that Andrew was involved in some HUD scandal, which still hasn’t been resolved. Ah well, at least I can say I am participating – which entitles me to bitch about what’s going on. 

But, one can always have hope.





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