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So I was telling BR about my Tformer action figures, and that I have some of them on my headboard.  Yes, toys in my bedroom.  See, sometimes it's good to live alone, the animals don't care and there's no one to tell you where you can and cannot put your toys!  
I justify my toy spending by telling myself that I don't smoke, I drink very little, I don't buy lots of clothes, I don't have cable and I use lots and lots of coupons.  So I spend my entertainment money on tformer crap.  As a vice, I guess it's not so bad. 

In case you can't tell who is who, from left to right are Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Jazz (yes, he is sitting on a mouse skeleton), Prowl on the wine bottle (unfortunately, my Prowl has a little drinking problem), and Blurr (who is trying to distance himself from the others).  I really, really like this Blurr. 
Since I took the picture, I have added animated Prime, Ratchet and Swoop.  And I really like the ani-version of Swoop also.  These ani-figures are great, they are easy to get into robot mode and they end up looking like the robots you see on TV.  The G1 Sunny and Sides were almost too hard for me to transform.  I had to have my niece help me.  Suffice to say, they are never going back into car mode. 

But, Tformers aren't the only figures around the house.  I've got a Predator and Ironhide in the kitchen; the Spawn Valkyrie and Angela (the one with panties) on the living room shelf; Spiderman hanging next to the TV; The Goblin King on my bookcase in the bedroom; a tiny Prime in the bathroom; a tiny Beachcomber on my downstairs printer; Spawn, Robot Replica Prime, the Wetworks werewolf,  vampire, and Blood Queen upstairs in the loft; Duke Nukem on my desktop monitor; Revoltech Starscream by the phone; and Revoltech Prime sitting on the edge of my laptop.  Man, I got a lot of crap! 

And I don't even remember all the action figures I have packed away in the garage and barn.  All still in unopened packages.  I really need to sell some on ebay.  I used to have a complete list on my old computer, but when it crashed about 4 years ago I lost it all.  And I just don't have time right now to dig out the boxes, pull the figures out and write them all down again.  Maybe this summer.  They are doing me no good sitting there.  Oh great, another summer project.  I'll just put it on the list, lets see...number 84, itemize action figures....      



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