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Reinstall My Pride Along With my Adobe

Holiday weekend.  Summer is over.  boohoo.

Yesterday, my friend Betty and I moved about 4 facecords of split wood to my back deck.  Phew, my body hurt so badly last night.  I have to re-condition my body to 'wood motions'.  But on the bright side, my back was pretty good.  I think it's because I did stretching exercises before starting.  Now I have a gi-mundus pile of wood to stack.  But, I am happy that I have a good start.  Usually, it's November before I have this much wood ready.  I figure I need about 8 more facecords, minimum.  10 would be better.  I felt very acomplished. 

I just spent most of the day re-installing Windows XP on one of my laptops.  Not because anything happened, but because I wanted to.  I had a lot of crap stuff loaded, and it was starting to freeze too often.  Not too much of a biggie, since I have most of the discs to reload.  I just typed up all the programs I had, printed it so I'd have a checklist, and then - WOOSH! - empty program files and docs.  Now I have 75% empty space, whereas before I had about 20%.  I am not going to reload all my docs from the backup, just the stuff I use frequently.  Everything will get put on my desktop computer. 

derpface me.
I am in the office useing the broadband to download updates and some of the free stuff (like SmartDefrag - best defragger I have ever used).  I was checking off the programs from the list and tried to download Adobe Flash using GoogleChrome.  I got an error message telling me that Chrome already had the most recent update.  So, I wondered if each browser needed to have a download.  I downloaded using IE6 and it was accepted.  A thought occurred to me, maybe that's why I never saw icons move with anything other than GChrome.  I checked my userpics and - derp - yep.  They move now.  Slag, I'm such a moron!  No one ever told me this!  But, now I'm happy I can see moving icons. And they look crisper than before.  derpderp

I will also be reloading everything onto laptop #2 soon.  I bought a larger...memory...I think it's called.  And I was going to try to install it myself, but when I unscrewed the panels underneath, I had no idea which slot it went into.  There was stuff on top  that didn't look anything like the memory replacement.  So, I guess I have to take it to my computer guy to have him install it.  Once that's done, then #2 will become my #1, since it has a 17" screen and will have the huge memory.  

Tomorrow I don't have to work (WOOT), so I plan on doing some stacking.  I also have to do more house cleaning, and I have bike pics to post to the WOW site.  I should wash the truck.  Sigh.  Too much to do, not enuf time.  Maybe I'll just go ride the motorcycle all day!   

Edit - F*ck the wood.  I just talked to Booperbiker and made plans to ride.  See 'ya pjc!  



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Sep. 5th, 2010 11:11 pm (UTC)
I remember reading not too long ago that chrome has its own version of flash. I think the idea was to simplify the whole download-install-restart browsers for flash process. Now you'll have flash properly installed so all's good.
Sep. 5th, 2010 11:21 pm (UTC)
I never read anything about Chrome other than it was new so didn't have many problems. I'm glad I tried it, as I really like using it.
I am just learning-as-I-go!
Sep. 5th, 2010 11:29 pm (UTC)
Super Cool! Cya~
Sep. 5th, 2010 11:39 pm (UTC)
Re: Yeah!
You better get to bed early and rest up from today's ride. Betty told me all about it. I'm glad I didn't go - I would have hauled off and punched someone.
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