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Botcon reflections

All in all, I had a great vacation. 
Kath and I have always traveled well together. I couldn’t ask for a better bud. How many years have we known each other? Geez, I’m guessing 15-18 years. Thanks again Kathy, for putting up with my fangirlish squealing and telling you Transformer trivia that you really didn’t want to hear. 

It is hard to decide if I really missed anything from home. My pets – maybe a little bit. My sister said that Bluestreak seemed to miss me. Every time she came over, he ran up meowing. She never even saw Ratchet at all, but knew he had to be there because the food was gone and there was poop in his box. Ratch is very skittish and unsocial, he runs to the basement every time the dog barks. Blue is the complete opposite.

I think I missed making a good breakfast, prepared exactly the way I wanted. I missed my ice tea and Nesquik. And washing my hair in hard water. To me, if my hair doesn’t squeak, it’s not really clean. Although the Swan water wasn’t as softened as some motels I have experienced. I hate soft water with a passion. 

And as to missing anything in Orlando, I will miss sleeping in that bed. I really liked the mattress and pillows the Swan had provided. Well, almost anything is better than my mattress at home - it’s about 18 years old. I really need a new one but they are so expensive.  A gal’s gotta have priorities, and if you recall, that Masterpiece Grimlock is going to cost $60. What’s more important, a mattress, or action figures? Don’t answer, I don’t wanna know. 

I won't miss the lines, that's for sure.

The weather in FL was awful - both Kathy and I hated the heat and humidity. When I was in Orlando 12 years ago, in November, it didn’t seem so hot and muggy. But, that may be attributed to old age and/or time of year visiting. Probably old age. 

And the driving sucked. It wasn’t the traffic, it was the aggressiveness of the drivers. Kathy did all the driving, while I navigated (the GPS device turned out to be a necessity – don’t go without one), but we both agreed that Florida has the worst drivers we have ever seen. And we have taken quite a few driving trips together. My style of driving is start slowly and be courteous to others. But driving down there - it is all “ME FIRST ME FIRST ME FIRST”.   It’s a wonder that we didn’t see more accidents on the highways. But Kath did very well, she ‘became’ one of those Florida drivers. Zip, zip, zig, zag, brake. If I had driven, we would have probably been in a dozen accidents – or still be sitting trying to make a left turn out of the hotel parking lot. 

I wish I had met more people while there.  The venders were very helpful as I asked stupid questions. I actually bargained with them on Sunday, and got cheaper prices! I never bargain! I was happy with myself. 

Once my boxes come in, I will show you what I ‘wasted my money on’. 

Here’s a couple teaser pics of what I did put in my carry on bag.

Cookie   for you if guess whose feet these are! 



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Jun. 30th, 2010 01:47 am (UTC)
dallas traffic is worse. much, much worse.

strangely, i didn't miss a whole lot about home, either, except the cats and my morning hug from the boy. was such a fabulous break from real life, though. ^_^
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