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Botcon 6/27/2010

Boo hoo. 
Sunday arrived and it was time to prepare for home. 

Kathy went shopping at some outlet mall and I went [early] to get in line for Bud Budiansky's autograph. 
The staff member offered to take my pic.

I wanted to attend the costume panel, but had time to kill.
Went outside to take vehicle pics.

Army Guy's Bee.


"Iron Hyd" from the licence plate. 
Kind of hard to see, but there are Autobot symbols on the door and hood.
Very cool.  


I love big trucks, probably because my late husband was a driver.  I really miss riding in them.

This is one beautiful Kenworth.
Even though it is a cabover!

The engine.


Butt shot.
Look at those huge pipes! 

I should think not!

More time to waste, so I ducked in the neighboring room, which had a small car show going on.  It was affiliated with a Hot Wheels con.

So, now I have some car afts to post. 

Back to the sales room, here are some toys that are coming out this year.
I only took pics of the ones that I would want to buy. 

This Masterpiece Grimlock was cool.  Cost will be $60.  I think I want him.

He really is King!

Loved this backpack.  Wonder where I can find one?

All vacation long, I watched the bogs and ponds looking for an alligator.
The only gaters I saw were on the side of the road. *frown*
[Truckers call the rubber strips gaters.]

After the drawing, where we were losers, we took off for the airport.
Pic waiting to board.  We were exhausted and we look it.

Leaving Orlando, with bad weather coming in.
Had to wait in line (for the last time, hallelujah!)

And look what TNT was playing on the TV on the plane!!

Of course I watched it!  How could you even think I wouldn't?  What is this, viewing number 245? 

Coming into Buffalo airport. 
Nasty rain and very bumpy. 
I'm surprised Kathy didn't hurl.

This vacation really flew by, much unlike when I went to Michigan with the biker ladies a couple years ago.  That one dragged. 
Ah well.

Couple more spam posts to go. 
I need to finish the Botcon posts off because I am late doing a penance for capslock! 



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