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Botcon 6/26/2010

Yes, Saturday finally arrived.  This was the busiest day I had planned. 
Kathy was going to lounge at the pool while I wasted time and money doing TF stuff. 

We had gone to bed after midnight, so I was running late in the morning.  I knew that I had to be early to get in line for Peter Cullin's autograph.  I got there at 8:15am, but I was lucky to just made the cut by about 20 people.  They were only allowing 240 people to get in line, and you had to get a wristband to even stand in it.  The line started inside, but snaked out the door and around the parking lot.  I had to stand in the sun, I think it was about 20 minutes.  Not exactly sure because I almost fainted from heat stroke.  No, not really, I am exaggerating.  But I did sweat buckets because, silly me, I wore jeans and a black tee because I figured I would be inside the building all day. 
This pic is part of the outside line, and is blurry because my camera lens fogged up from experiencing the heat outside after being in the cool building.  I was worried that something was wrong with the lens, but, it was all good.  


Apparently, the first person in line had been there since 1am.  What a nutcase! 
And an open admission person was either #2 or thereabouts, and he had gotten there at 3am.  But, sad to say, once things started going, he was kicked out by staff because he didn't have an admission pass, which you needed to stand in the line.  Poor guy.  All that waiting for nothing. 
This was told to me by a cute guy - whom I shall call Army Guy.   I talked to him while waiting in line for Bud's autograph on Sunday morning.  Army Guy arrived around 6am, and witnessed the booting.  He was the owner of the Bumblebee parked outside in front of Cliffjumper.  He had driven from California all by himself.  He was happy that next year would be right near where he lives.  What a nice guy  - AND he had an 1100 Sportster!  Sigh.  If only I were 10 years younger....

Here's a pic of the line snaking around about 5 times inside. 
I waited in line for 2 1/2 hours to get my 3rd edition, #1 TF comic signed.  What a nutcase!  hahaha. 
I also had Bud Budiansky sign the same comic, as he was listed as the editor. 
I will scan it later and post a pic.  I forgot to do it for this post.

Staff was really rushing people through the line, as Hasbro said Cullen could only stay the 2 hours allotted.  If 11am came, anyone in line was shit out of luck.  I was worried that I wouldn't make it, but it was pretty much shove your item in front of him, get it signed, and off you go.  They said no personal photos, but some people did it anyway.  I wish I had thought to ask the girl behind me to take a pic.  
She was very nice.  She and her friend were from Medina, NY - only about 50 miles from Buffalo. Small world.  There is a joke that goes around here in Buffalo - no matter where you go in the US, you can always find someone from Western New York.  So I guess it's true! 
Slightly blurry pic of PC.


Here's a shot of the nearly empty sales room and a vendor as I was standing in line.

After the autograph, I walked around, spent money and took pics.

Bee was cool.

Here are a couple of the contest entries.

I liked this fabric in the back of a booth.

The hall of fame mech display.

The award.

I wanted to hear the Cullen Panel, and wary of the line, went upstairs and got in line around 1:15pm.  No problems.  In fact, people in line were let in early, so I was able to hear some of the Eiding & McNeil Panel.  They were pretty funny.  
Boy, people sometimes ask stupid questions though.  
Cullen was pretty interesting.  He seems like a very humble man, still in disbelief of his popularity.  

Afterwards, I shopped a bit more, found the FedEx booth, and ran back to the room to get all my stuff to mail home.  Remember, I had $98 worth of clothes that wouldn't fit in my suitcase.  I packed toys, clean clothes and dirty clothes and hoofed it back to the sales room.  Just made it at 4:40pm, as the room was closing at 5.  I had 2 boxes shipped.  When I get them, I will take pics of my booty and post for everyone to see.  Arrr.  

Back to the room, feet hurting from all the standing and walking back and forth.  
We relaxed for a bit and dressed for dinner.  

I took this shot of us while holding the camera at arm's length.  Turned out pretty well, except that I look like I bit a lemon.  

Kath at the Swan fountain.

And then some nice lady offered to take a pic of us both.  

We were early, got a couple drinks and waited around for them to open the doors.
Once inside, we grabbed a pretty good table.

Some nice people sat with us.  Two ladies from Texas, a mother and daughter, two men from Kentucky, and another man from Georgia.  Georgia had a photo album of all his figures, most collected from when he was a kid.  He was 35 years old, and I swear that he must have had 500 figures in that book.  Awesome.   

Food was good, but sparse.  Kathy called it a gourmet meal.  I don't know, I'm just a simple farm gal who likes meat and potatoes.  
But, they did fix her a special veggie plate.  Dessert was weird.  I have no idea what it was, but it had a raspberry center.  
We were impressed at the speed and synchronization of the staff.  

I enjoyed the Transformer films.  Was kind  of disappointed that Dinobot won the fan's choice.  But, I can see how it happened.  He was the only Beast Wars entry, so BW fans all voted for him, whereas everyone else was split.  I know nothing about BW, and I don't really care.  How much you wanna bet that the losers from this year are shoe-ins for next year?

These shots are of the projection screens.  We were too far back for actual people shots.
A Hasbro bigwig.  Don't ask me his name.  
Second Hasbro bigwig.  Ditto.

Hideaki Yoke.  

Bud Budiansky.

Peter Cullen.  

So, it was a fun evening.  We both enjoyed ourselves. 
Back to the room to pack, as we had to check out in the a.m. 

I am slightly disappointed that next year will be in Calif.  It is so far, and I don't think I could convince anyone to go with me.  It would probably be great fun, especially with the movie coming out soon afterwards.  Plus, it would probably be even more expensive than this one.


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Jun. 30th, 2010 02:17 am (UTC)
well, laratron and i couldn't fly out there with you as we're in texas and all, but the two gals we were going to room with aren't going to be able to make it to the 2011 botcon after all and we'll need at least one more roommate in the hotel for it to be affordable. ^_^
Jun. 30th, 2010 01:10 pm (UTC)
Ooh, that is a tempting offer.
It is too early for me to commit that far ahead. I would hate to say yes and then back out. I would need a few months to figure things out and butter up my sister before I could tell you 'YES!'.

How do you work it? One person puts everything on their credit card and then others pay in cash?
Do you share beds or arm wrestle for them? Get extra cots in the room? Sleep on the floor? Sharing room costs would certainly make everything a lot cheaper.
Do you share a rental car also?
Thank you for offering.
Jun. 30th, 2010 01:40 pm (UTC)
oh, i figured that it would be too early to commit for sure, but i wanted to throw it out there anyway so you'd know you had the option if you wanted. ^_^

usually, we reserve it under one person's card and then split the bill at check-out time, but this year we did put the whole thing on one card and give the card holder cash. and yes, we usually share beds, but i'm totally understanding if you want to pay that bit extra and get your own roll-away or cot. (or one of us could sleep on the floor, but that sounds like fun for no one.) last year in pasadena, a rental car wasn't even necessary. everything is really close together (even Target) and so food and basic shopping needs were easy to walk to. there would need to be a rental for going anywhere else, though and i suppose cost for that would depend on who all rode around in it. ^_^

you're welcome. when it gets closer to actual convention time, just let me know.

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