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Botcon 6/25/2010

Friday was Take-Kathy-Shopping day.
First, we went to IHop for breakfast.  Believe it or not, I had never been to there before. 
Yum.  It was pretty good, I had pancakes covered in strawberries.  Oink, oink.  

I wanted to see the Tformers film fest panel at noon, so we went back to the hotel.  Kathy went to the pool, while I went and transformed into geek-girl.  
It was pretty interesting.  Amazing how talented some people are.  I was rooting for 'The Making of Transformers Stop Motion Experience'.  Those guys were really funny.  
Back to the room to meet Kathy, and then we went shopping. 

We went to some outside mall that was kind of high-end.  Kathy collects a certain designer jewelery and tries to find a store everywhere she vacations as her souvenir.  Beautiful stuff, but too expensive for me.  I don't wear much jewelery now.  I don't go out enuf.  

This is as close to a Harley store as I came.  Kath offered to stop, but I said no.  I was saving my $$ for toys.   


Hard to see, but this car is from Hawaii.
Now that is a great place for a vacation.  I would like to go back there someday.  I went on my first honeymoon to 3 islands.  Next time, I want to hit all of them!


Back to hotel to get ready for the Pirate Dinner Adventure.  Arrr. 
Got there about 6:30 to STAND IN LINE! 
Finally got in and missed the beginning of the show outside the actual theater. 
From what I gather, the princess and gypsy girl were captured by pirates, along with the handsome ship captain. 
Most of these pics are dark, as I didn't use any flash.  The flash wouldn't have worked anyway, as we were too far away.  This is the end of the preview. 
From left to right, the princess, the pirate captain's wife, pirate, and captain's son.
The crowd was considered captured slaves, and we were separated into colors and led into the next room where the dinner would take place. 
Each color was supposed to root for their pirate, who was wearing the specific color.  We were orange.
This is a pretty good shot of the stage.  It was an actual ship sitting in a pool of water.  Not sure how deep the pool was, but a couple actors did dive into it, and they were also able to row boats around the perimeter.
Damn good job, I say.
Across the way, you can see our arch-rivals, Red.  Booo!!

Here is our pirate, Andre, on the right.  The comic relief was playing with fire - part of the fight scene where the different pirates try to become first mate. 

Entertainment included the gypsy girl going high up on one of those scarf things hanging from the ceiling.  I don't know exactly what it is called, but she did gymnastic stuff.  Very cool. 

And this is really hard to see, but there is a swinging ladder balanced in the middle, with a pirate on each end.  They were really whipping around and around.  It was quite impressive and kind of scary.

Princess, gypsy and captain's wife. 

One of the sword fights.  The blue guy was a real hunk, plus he was the captain's son.  So you knew that he would win in the end.  Andre lasted to fight him for first mate.  WOOT ANDRE!!!

Near the end, princess, blue, and the captured captain from the beginning, who had escaped the ship by diving into the water.
Blue boy falls in love with the princess and fights the capt. for her.  But, blue boy's father cheats and shoots the capt, who falls from where the princess is standing into the hold.  Dead.

Here the Captain is swearing in the crowd as official pirates.  The little kids were our representatives to take the pirate oath.  I can't remember it all, but I know it involved always eating your vegetables. 

It was a good show, my voice was hoarse from yelling for Andre.  It is fun to participate in that stuff.  We got out around 9:30pm.
The feast included salad, chicken, rice and taters, and 2 free drinks.  It was good, and you could upgrade if you wanted to different meals.  Cost us $45 apiece.  I think it was worth it, although if I did it again, I would rather see Medieval Times.  I chose pirates because I had seen MT already a couple of times. 

On the way back to the hotel, we saw this huge fish head coming out of a wall.
I wish it had been lighter so I could have gotten a better pic.
Ah well, it looked cool.

Home to Swan and then off to bed, as I had to get up early the next morning to see Peter Cullen.  WOOT!

[Forgot to mention, on Wednesday we went shopping at a thrift store.  Boy, that was the best thrift store I have ever been in!  Designer clothing, with the tags still on.  Believe it or not, I spent $98.00.  Yes, 98 bucks on used clothing and a couple purses - one was pretty expensive at $24.  But the rest of the stuff was cheap, and half still had the tags still attached.  I bought about 10 Harley t-shirts, which I will turn over to be sold at the Biker Bazaar up here. They cost me under $4 (3 were 86 cents), and can be resold.  I'm keeping one that says Daytona HD.  Hence the reason I wasn't too upset at not going to the Harley dealer.]

[Oh, and I completely forgot about the Seibertron party that was being held that night.  Pissed me off, I should have put it on our itinerary, as we had time to go when we got back to the hotel.  Arr, I be a derpface.]




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