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Botcon 6/24/2010

Thursday was Universal Studio day.

Drove over to the 'Official' Visitor Center to pick up our tickets for the Pirate Adventure show (on Fri) and this...thing was in the parking lot. 
I guess it was advertising a restaurant - Boston Lobster Feast.  Um, yeah.  I wish I could have seen someone drive it in traffic.  
Enuf silliness, off to Universal. 

We got there after 10am, later than we had planned - but what plans hold up in any vacation.
Parking was a rip-off, I believe it was $14 !!!!  And we had to walk quite a way to get to the gates. 
Stand in line to get in (I think the name/word 'Florida' means 'stand in line' in Seminole) and they swipe your fingerprint so no one else can use your ticket.  Geez. 
It was hot hot hot hot hot hot hot and muggy.  Urg.  
I just can't stand heat like that.  We were both dragging our afts.  

I made Kathy stand on the fake wave.  I am such a mean friend.  
We didn't hit any of the shops or restaurants outside the gates, no time and when we were leaving, we just wanted to get out. 


Walking through Seuss Landing, we decided to ride the Car-Seuss-el.  
Pretty cool animals, and the line was short.  
Now, this is our kind of ride!  
Actually, we went on it again later, since there was NO LINE!  

I really wanted to see the Potter village, but there was a huge line to even get into the Hogsmeade.  The attendants were telling tourists to come back around 3pm, when there would be no line to speak of.  
So, off we traipsed to Jurassic Park.
Here's the dino inside the Discovery Center.  I bought a necklace, priced reasonably. 
We were quite disappointed to discover the Pteranodon Flyers were for kids and you couldn't go on the ride without a kid.  Well, I guess there is a reason to have kids, after all.  (I mean, besides slave labor.) 
Bummed out, we searched for a place to have lunch.  It was a bit of a challenge, as Kathy is a vegetarian, and there were LONG LINES for food.  We certainly could see the appeal of paying for the preferred passes, but we were too cheap to bother.   

In Toon Lagoon, we saw that the line for Popeye & Bluto's Barge ride was only a 30 minute wait (gasp!).  It didn't look too scary and also looked fun.  Actually, this line went very quickly, and we soon found ourselves seated in this barge-thing.  Picture a huge inner tube with 8 seats.  It bounced and twirled, a victim of whatever the waves did.   
No pictures, because WE GOT SOAKED!  
We had to put our belongings under a cover in the middle of the barge, or risk them getting ruined.  I should have taken a pic of the other people riding, but just didn't think of it.  
I really don't like water rides much, as I am not a water person.  It seemed, no matter where you sat, you got hit with either a stream of water or just waves from splashing around.  
The misting felt good, but the giant wave that hit and soaked my shorts was just annoying.  My white panties ended up getting stained with black dye from my shorts.  And the torrent of water falling from above hit me right in the center of the back. 
But, I'm an old lady and I like to bitch.
Done with that, we continued our lunch search.
Came across this sign by Wimpy's burgers.
I love the sentiment.  I'm gonna go talk to my boss about this.  

I liked this disc, it was embedded in the concrete walk.
And here I am, being rude to Captain America.

Found a pizza place that had veggie pizza that Kath could eat.
I forced down a bbq chicken pizza, which really wasn't bad.  
I don't eat pizza, but that was almost like a wrap, once I folded it up.
And not-very-tasty cheesecake for dessert.
This meal cost us $19. 

After lunch, it was about 2:45pm.  Close enuf to 3 for us to brave Harry Potter's place.
I was almost ready to forgo walking all the way back there, just because we were so tired. 
But, we came all this way, so Kath convinced me to hike it. 
[note to self - if ever going back to theme parks, make sure to rent a scooter]

No line at the entrance, surprise, surprise.

The castle was very pretty.  Never got anywhere near it though. 
Too many crowds and we were really tired from the SLAGGING HEAT! 

You can see how crowded the village was.
There were long lines to even get into the shops.
We passed. 
By this time, we just wanted out.


As we were leaving, went past The Lost Continent.  I think. 
It may have been Poseidon's Fury.  We were delerious at that point, suffering from heat stroke and blisters.
I though it made a neat picture, though.


It was about 4pm when we left to head back to the hotel.

After a shower, some food and drink, we were ready to get out badges.
Got in line (Line?!  What a surprise!) at 7pm to pick up our passes and toys.  
Here's a shot of the 8pm people.  

We sat on the floor over by the comic signing just to do some people-watching.
There were a group of men (boys?) playing with the figures they just got.  It just struck us as kind of funny. 
We calculated the ratio of men to women as 3:1.  And further speculated the ratio of fanboys to actual fangirls (as opposed to girls who just came along for the vacation and/or getting their man an extra set of figures) as 5:1.
But, I was surprised at how many women we saw. 

After hanging for a bit, we bought some snacks and went back to the room.  We were in bed by 10:30, we were so exhausted. 
I guess we never heard xxsomeoneelsexx  knock on the door at the ungodly hour of 12:30am.  Again, I'm sorry I missed you.


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Jun. 28th, 2010 10:46 pm (UTC)
Bahah, no worries about the door thing. 12:30 is a very ungodly hour. Maybe at next year's Botcon! XD
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