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Quick! Dump your stock!



In addition to all the slag going on right now with the stock market, rumors abound regarding the status of H&R Block for the future. 
At my study group yesterday, one of the store managers said that the bigwigs are working on a 3-year reorganization plan. I know 2 years ago, HRB almost went bankrupt because of the mortgage division. HRB sold the division, I don’t know who bought it, as I really didn’t pay attention. But, bankruptcy again looms on the horizon.

Things are so dire that HRB is actually breaking leases to close non-productive offices. Wow. And HRB is also expected to cut their seasonal workforce. That’s me! I think I'm pretty safe, but it is important for me to study hard and pass that IRS Enrolled Agent Exam. Even though I’ve been working for them 21 years and have so much experience, I will be even more valuable with the EA initials after my name.    

This year was tough, I think because of the onslaught of self-serve tax programs people could use on their computer. Fine I suppose, but there will always be some people who are to intimidated by taxes and don’t want anything to do with them. Also, if you don’t have the knowledge, you could miss deductions and credits. But I think that for most people, if they get their $2000 refund, they don’t care about the extra $200 we (professional tax preparers) can find for them.

Rumor also has it that Jackson Hewitt’s days are numbered, and HRB will either merge with or take over Liberty Tax. I guess we shall see. 

And now for something completely different.  
I just saw that Windows 7 commercial where, on the TV in the background, you hear an announcer say, "The zombie forms a loving bond with his fellow man-eater, the great white."  Oh my. Made me laugh. There’s a story in there, somewhere. 



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May. 23rd, 2010 03:46 am (UTC)
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