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Movies, BotCon, Icons

Iron Man 2.
Awesome.  I think I need to see it again.  Don't know if I wanna spend another $10, though so it will have to be the cheap show.   
Lots of action, but there were a couple slow parts.  I really don't know much about the comic Iron Man, besides he was a drunk.  But I kind of like this version.  He's such a child, you almost can't help but like him. 
Thanks to BDQ who said to stay to the end of the credits.  I just have one word to say.  No, I lied, two words.  
Thor!  Woot!

And the A-Team preview was pretty good.  I wasn't too enthused about the movie until I saw this preview.  I still watch the original show on Retro TV sometimes.  Amazing how no one was ever killed with all the bullets that went flying during each show.  I think it was Magic.   
I was disappointed that they didn't show the 'Predators' preview.  Maybe next month. 

Ooh, and the BotCon registration went online tonight.  Finally.  I am registered.  I can't wait.  My first real vacation in 8 years. 

And my passport came in the mail today.  I was surprised, it only took 25 days!  Astounding.  And I feel guilty now that I decided not to go with Patti to Toronto to see Coheed and Cambria.  Sorry Patti, but the middle of the week is just too hard for me.  Take pictures! 

And I went to vote for the school budget.  No to everything, as per usual.  I am trying to keep an eye on the news as I type, to see if Eden passed or not.  Please, no.  It really annoys the slag out of me that I must pay school taxes when I have no kids.  But, that's another rant.   

And I must apologize to anyone whose userpics I downloaded.  Apparently, I was doing it wrong.  pellimusprime pointed out that an icon made for me didn't look right.  He has been helping me figure out what I was doing wrong.  I need to upload them by URL, and not as I am accustomed to doing, pasting to Paint and saving as a JPEG.  This made them look 'funny'.  And I can't tell on my computer at all.  I must be missing a program or some setting is off, because they look the same to me.  But on my boss's computer, I can see the difference.  I was able to hook up to a wifi hotspot today, and it didn't make any difference to what I could see on mine.  In fact, I had both laptops side by side to compare.  Man, his is so much clearer and the screen is so bright.  Besides the point.  So now I have to delete all my downloaded user pics and try to reload them from wherever I found them (who knows where?  I don't remember!) the proper way.  It's gonna take me a while. 
But, basically, I want to say I didn't mess around with your icons on purpose, I just didn't know what I was doing.  
Sigh.  I am such an assbutt.   



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May. 19th, 2010 01:05 pm (UTC)
Oh man, Iron Man 2 was awesome. x3 I really enjoyed it, even though I will always love the first more if only because it has pretty much the best ending to a movie ever. :P But he freakin' drove Mirage in 2, so hey, close runner up.

I was the only one in my family (lol we saw this as a mother's day event...) who got the end part. Outside of mythology I don't know much about Thor except that he did appear in the Marvel comics. /snrk/ But I still got what happened. Sadly my mother didn't seem to even know the name Thor in general. At least my brother and dad had a clue when I squealed "HAMMER OF THOR" in response to all five present asking me wtf it even was

Did you see the trailer for Super 8, I think it was called? I've instantly wanted to see the movie, if just for seeing the names "Steven Spielberg" and "JJ Abrams" on the same project. xD ♥
May. 19th, 2010 01:07 pm (UTC)
ghetto edit
Also I feel like a total idiot but I just now figured out how to read your username. /obviously very slow on the uptake/ Oh the things you realize at 9 am after another night of insomnia... /snort
May. 19th, 2010 05:17 pm (UTC)
Yes, the ending on the first movie was killer. When he started hemming and hawing, I kind of figured he would out himself.
I also thought of Mirage in the race. Plus, the drones reminded me of Shockwave. I poked my friend and explained the TF reference to her, not that she cared.

Thor used to be my fav comic as a kid. I still have a few of the old ones sitting around in a box somewhere, but I don't remember much except Mjollnir was picked up by a crippled doctor. I thought I heard that they were kicking around a movie idea. I guess we are both smarter than the average bear for figuring it out!

Ooh, the Super 8 looks good. Too bad we have to wait until 2011. I bet it will give TF 3 a run for their money.

And I've heard that about my name a couple times. Check out the Midnight Rider song by the Allman Bros. That's where it comes from.
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