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Day 29

Day 29 | Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days

I hope: 
to live at least until 100.
I say healthy
my ma lives to 100.
to die in my sleep in my own bed.
I get to go to the WOW Ride-In in July.
to go to the Toronto Tformer convention in July.
Harley lives at least another 5 years.
I don’t need that accident insurance.
to someday buy a nice TV and get cable. 
the Apocalypse doesn’t happen until after I die.
as Director, I still keep things interesting for the WOW ladies.
I can finish at least half of the following plans! 

I dream:

of falling in love again.
of being able to afford a Lambo.
of buying a Softail, black with red accents and straight pipes.
of winning the lottery.
of using my passport to go to Australia, Spain and England. 
[Notice a trend here? They all seem to involve lots of $$.]

I plan:
to go to BotCon in June and have so much fun that I'll need a vacation to recover from my vacation.   
ride as much as possible this summer.
get all my wood split by September.   
move the dirt off my driveway and fix my flower gardens.
sand and stain the deck.
study and take part 2 and/or 3 of the Enrolled Agent Exam.
powerwash and treat the remaining two sides of the house.
on cleaning the gutters.
put up new Christmas lights on house.
on getting a load of stone for my driveway.
rewire motorcycle trailer. 
to finish both my fanfics.
to see the new ‘Predators’ movie in July.
tile basement bathroom
put weather vane on garage.
hook up generator.
get air conditioning in house.
calk garage gutters so they don’t leak.
fix insulation in woodstove.
fix sinking shed.
put iron rack on truck.
put cameras in woods, and put up 2 more deer stands.
make screen for garage door.
make screen for back basement doors.
add set of stairs on other side of deck.
to sell Whitey and put the plow blade on Ace.

I’m sure if I took more time, I could think of more stuff to do that will never get done. 


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