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Day Freaking 27

Day 27 | This month, in great detail


Shouldn’t this prompt have been the finale? 
Well, my month starts on the first of the month, and ends today.  So it won’t be the full 30 days. Too bad, I'm sure you are all so disappointed....


7:50am, got up. Let Harley out, fed Ratch and Buestreak. Turned on laptop, went upstairs and scanned some pics into desktop computer. Transferred to laptop. Checked email, boiled hot dogs for breakfast and got dressed. Read some fanfic. Left house around 9:30. To post office for office mail. To mom’s, worked on proofing IME after reading newspaper. Nagged Ma to take her pills and nap. Left around 12:30 for lunch. Headed up some leftover roast. Checked email. Back to Ma’s around 1:40. Finished up footnotes and read IME. Barb back from shopping around 4. Watched some Ellen, watched news until 5:30. Left to go home. Ate more roast. Took out cat boxes and made up new ones. Looked in garage for swap meet stuff. Can’t find banner. SHIT. Back on computer. Email etc. Watched TV. Did dishes. Looked upstairs for banner. Email again. Did more dishes (there were a lot). In bed at 11:15, writing in this book. Now 11:32 – lights out. 

Woke 7:09. Actually got up 7:27. Obsessing over banner. Dog out, fed cats. Checked email. Read fanfic. Went to work. Researched and booked LHR’s Atlanta trip. Researched car rentals. LRH’s laptop died on me 2x. Went to lunch 12:30. Back to work around 1:40. Helped LRH outside to twist plastic tubes for easier storage. Hurt my finger. Workers Comp!! Back inside. Got report ready. Did corrections with LRH. Figured out calendar feature on LRH’s laptop for his future trips. Put away IME papers. Watched Ellen. Left for home at 5. Changed clothes and put on makeup. Went to 1) H&R to get food left in fridge from weekend; 2) Key Bank; 3) Niagara candy in Hamburg; 4) Blockbuster in Derby; 5) Derby office to copy stuff for tomorrow’s m/c swap meet; 6) reservation for gas; 7) home.  Called Betty to discuss arrivals for swap tom’r. Home around 9. At home, opened both garage doors – started Whitey, the plow truck, and moved him out. Poked around and looked for banner. No luck. Pissed. Where did I put it? Got folding chairs out.  Whitey back in and closed up garage. Back in house. Looked up in loft for banner. Found it! Hooray! Went on laptop, check mail. Read, deleted LJ old stuff. Watched some TV. Tired. In bed at 11, write stuff here ‘til 11:19. Good night. 

Swap Meet Day! At least I found the banner, I am content. Up at 8:35. dog and cats fed. Check email. Get stuff ready for swap. Putz around until noon. Took Harley to Ma’s. Got dressed for swap. Left house at 1:18. At fairgrounds I discovered I left the wood blocks at home and had to drive back and pick them up. Great meet – found an outside cover for my battery. Bought a new fringe jacket ($70). Let the rest of the girls do most of the work. I think I have finally learned how to delegate. Left at 5 to go to Subway with Betty. Tons of bikes outside. We did well with the basket raffle. $282. Didn’t stay as late as normal because weather got bad and lots of bikers left. Drew for winner a bit after 7. Security guy won – was nice because he was there to pick it up and I didn’t have to deliver it. Was home by 8:30. Watched TV and played on computer. Weather guy said a new record of 86 degrees today. Old record was in 1999 of 76 degrees. Played on computer, went to bed at 1am.

Easter Sunday.
Bluestreak woke me at 7:58. Stupic cat. On computer to check mail and read some fic. Putzed around house until finally went outside to pick up trash up and down the road, about noon to 1. Came in for lunch. Back out at 2 to shovel dirt and fill pothole at end of driveway and in front of mailbox. Also picked up kindling and sawdust to try experiment with using sawdust as a firestarter in woodstove next season. Finally, too tired to do any more. Took shower and went to Ma’s for dinner at 6. Came home and went on computer. Read fics and edited swap meet pics. Watched TV. Bed around 11:30.

Woke up at 8 when alarm went off. Dog and cats done. Check email and read fics. Went to work early as we were going into Buffalo to deliver the IME. LRH and I went downtown, delivered the package, then drove around the arean looking for parking areas, as Barb and Lar are going to a Sabres game tom’r. Lucky buggers. Came home, almost time for lunch. Putzed a bit. Went to lunch. Back to work, worked on organizing tax info for LRH all afternoon. Left at 5. Changed clothes and went to Walmart. Bought stuff and came home. Watched TV and on computer all evening. Tried 3x to post swap meet pics to WOW community. Finally worked on fourth try. G-D dial-up. Went to bed at 12:17am.

Same old slag this morning. Can’t recall when I woke up. Took care of dog and cat. Off to work. Prepared stuff to go to Derby office and got IME records ready to go. Left Ma’s around 11:30 for lunch. Dressed for office, back to Ma’s by 12:30. LRH & I went to office to prepare for IME client. I worked on checking footnotes. Barb arrived around 1:30. Client never showed. Called lawyer to tell them. They called back, said client said he was never informed of the appointment. Liar, liar, pants on fire. Lawyers would call again to reschedule. We packed up and left, back to Ma’s by 3. Putzed around and finally left around 4:45 to go prepare for H&R. Dumped dog back home and off to do taxes. Kind of busy – some appts an some friends. Left early, around 8:30. Home, played on computer and finally to bed.

Don’t remember when I woke or what I did. Worked with LRH on finishing up his taxes. Lunch around 12:45. Went home to eat, back to Ma’s to finish taxes. Also started itinerary for LRH trip to Toronto next week. Left by 5 to go to H&R. Same as yesterday, busy busy. Shopped at Walmart on the way home. Played on computer and to bed.

Same old slag. At work – did itinerary all day. Reviewed it with LRH. Went ot H&R, was a boring night. I looked up Tformer stuff and maps for LRH’s Toronto trip. Home, play on computer, and bed.

For the life of me, I can’t remember this day at all. No H&R, so I must have just played on computer in the evening. 

Gotta work at H&R today. Up around 7:30. Dog and cat stuff. Get ready for work, take dog to Ma’s around 9. Onward to H&R. Busy, busy day. Supposed to leave at 5, but did an appt for Shirley at 4:30 and didn’t finish them until after 6. Very tired. On computer for a short time and to bed by 10:30.

Alarm set for 8:40 but woke around 7:30. Dog and cat stuff, checked email, ate breakfast, got dressed for H&R. Left around 10:30 to dump dog at Ma’s. To H&R, not too busy. Got all my family returns done except Doug and Brad. Was a good day. Almost done with this fucking tax season. Left at 5. Went home after picking up dog. Played on computer a bit. Cleaned and searched in garage for group riding info. More on computer. Get stuff ready for Mz. Behavin’ meeting tom’r. Bed around 11.

Up around 8. Dog out, cats fed. Cats have been a pain in butt all week. Off to work. LRH gone to Toronto. Did nothing all morning. Took Ma to Denny’s for lunch. After lunch, worked on biker meeting notes, copied handouts, prepared for presentation. Left a bit early. Patti came and picked me up about 5:20, then we went and picked up Tigger. Good meeting, about 14, 2 possible new members. Did group riding presentation. Used TFA Prowl and ROTF Chromia as visual aids. They laughed. Went to Red Robin restaurant after for ice cream. Actually shared onion rings, cheese sticks and apple crisp with Patti and Tigger. Home, checked email and to bed.

Can’t remember what time I woke up. Usual stuff, off to work. Did nothing in the morning, home for lunch, back to Ma’s. Took Ma to Fantastic Sams to get a perm, as Barb doesn’t like to go there and sit and wait. Took about 2 hours. Left early to go to H&R – LAST DAY – WOOT!! Very busy, Schedule C, Sch E clients, took quite a while to do. Left late, around 9:30. Home, checked email and to bed.

Slept like slag – cat kept waking me up. Don’t know if it was Blue or Ratch. Got up – when? Don’t remember. Did nothing at work again. Went to Burger King to pick up lunch for Ma and myself. Went home for a bit. Back in afternoon, did nothing again. Home at 5, computer for a while. Had to go back and babysit Ma at 8:30 while Barb went to water district meeting at town hall. Home around 10 and to bed. 

A cat woke me up at 7:30. Dog out, downstairs to feed cats. On computer to check email and read fics. No breakfast, not hungry. To work. Took Easter chocolate to dentist – better late than never. Back to Ma’s, early lunch at 11:30. Back at 1:30. Read nook and ordered books. Did laundry, wasted time all afternoon. Left early to get ready for H&R end-of-season party. Stopped at office in Derby to grab microwave in case I needed it for hores-dez-vores. Arrived at H&R about 5:50. Stuffed my face. Is now 8:23 and waiting for the office to close so we can go drink at Applebees. 
Finally. Judy and I left to go to Ab’s, I think it was around 9:30. I had my usual Jack and Coke. Stacy finally showed. We yapped a bit. Left around 10:30. I got home close to 11. Checked email and bed around midnight.

Alarm woke me at 8. I am very tired. Cat and dog stuff. Email. Left late for office, around 9:30. Did nothing most of the morning. Lunch. Started woodstove, since it’s supposed to be cold the next couple days. Back to work and checked some footnotes in between TV. No rush, as since client didn’t show, we didn’t need to finish report. Left around 5 for dinner. Left home to visit Patti and watch Witchblade and abuse her high speed Internet connection. Downloaded a bunch of music. Patti likes the DVD, we’ll see about coming over on Sunday to watch more. Left her house around 11:30. Home, shower and to bed after midnight. 

Had cancelled road clean up on Friday, but phone woke me up early at 8:12 anyway. Martha didn’t get the email and was making sure that it was cancelled, since it was very cold. Grumble – was awake so stayed up.   Dog out, stove loaded, cats fed, computer on, defrag.   Worked on getting biker clothes for the consignment shop all morning. Room is a mess. Gawd, I have a lot of clothes. Betty called to say she’ll meet me there. I left around 1:30, taking 87 articles with me. Was at shop ‘til after 3. Betty and I went to Hamburg where she left her car and came with me on errands. Went to Sally Hair supply, McD’s, vitamin store, Toys R Us, Target, Barnes & Noble, JC Penneys, 10 Lives Club. I was tired. Around 7:30 we finally went to the ice cream store. I dropped Betty off at her car, came home, fed starving dog, went on computer, watched TV until 11:30 and to bed.

4/18 – 4/24
See yesterday’s post. 
Ooh, almost done!

See post for 4/25!  Heh, heh.

oke up 7:36. Got up at 7:58. Usual morning stuff, dog, cat, computer. Wasted time checking emails and reading fic. Went to work. Not much to do today. Read the paper. Organized my bills so I could pay them. Balanced my checkbook. LRH reminded me we had an IME today, so I went home to eat and change clothes. Back to Ma’s by 12:30. LRH and I left to go to the office. Set up for client, etc. I brought my laptop and I downloaded some music as I checked footnotes while examinee was getting examined. IME was done by 3 – quick one. Back to Ma’s. Tried to get motivated to do more footnotes, but now I am watching Ellen as I update today’s entry. Almost time to go home. Left at 5 to go home. Supper and worked on computer all night, mostly typing this month list for stupid meme. Bed early, around 10:30.

I quit.

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Apr. 28th, 2010 04:11 am (UTC)
Devastated I can assure you that this is the last. xp

Apr. 29th, 2010 02:37 am (UTC)
You think this is the last? I don't think so. I just quit for the day. We still have to get through three. more. days.
Apr. 29th, 2010 03:42 am (UTC)
Well on the up side, these keep you not only busy but help me keep track of my days when looking at my friend page. I just start with your post and move upward. XD
Apr. 29th, 2010 12:16 pm (UTC)
It's nice to know that I'm good for something!
More people should do this meme. It was actually kind of fun, even though it did take up a lot of time.
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