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Day Rhombicuboctahedron

Day 26 | Your week, in great detail

[I wish I would have thought in the beginning to be clever with the subject.  Ah well.]  

Who reads this crap? Well, my niece better!! And she better update her meme soon! Or it’s major FAIL! No Niagara chocolate for you! I promise, I will send your Christmas presents soon.  

I kept a journal for the whole month, just for this meme. The entries for today and tom’r are pretty much transcribed right from the written pages. 
It wasn’t as hard to keep it up as I thought it would be. I might keep it going, intermittently, just to record stuff for future generations. I mean, my nieces and nephews. I don’t have any kids to dispense my wisdom to, so if I write it down, at least I can have the hope someone will read it one day. Enough slag. On to the entry. 


Sunday, April 18
Dog woke me at 6 to go out, and again at 8. went back to bed until 8:45. Up. Fed cats, turned on TV and computer. Checked email and read stories. Intermittent cleaning in bedroom – organize t-shirts. May have to take another batch to the consignment store, as my closet is still full. Cleaned and putzed on computer most of the day. Went to Patti’s at 7 to watch Witchblade and do computer downloads. Stayed until 10:30, then home, shower and bed.

Monday, April 19
Dog woke me at 6:30 to go out. Stupid dog.   Back to bed until almost 8. Usual morning stuff, feed cats, dog cookies, computer, breakfast, then to work. Worked on payroll for most of the morning. Had to go to reservation for gas during lunch. $2.78/gal. Cost me $81 to fill tank. Back home to eat something. Then back to Ma’s. In the afternoon, I signed on to file NYS payroll online and did the NY-45 form. Still mailed federal 941. After that, LRH was still busy so I wasted time on his computer checking stuff on the Internet. Played until time to go home. Home – supper, worked on unzipping downloaded song and song listing and organized my music for a couple hours. Really gotta finish chap 3 of my story, one of these days. Watched TV and to bed around 11:30. Sabres lost 2-1.

Tuesday, April 20
Bluestreak woke me early today. He was playing on the bed, jumping at whatever a cat jumps at. I think it was around 5:30. Fell back asleep, but then the dog woke me again (bark, bark) to go out. I think I was around 7:15. Figured I would just get up as it was garbage day. Garbage out, dog out, cats fed and poop scooped. On to the computer. Messed around, showered and washed hair and ate hot dogs for breakfast as I am out of eggs. Gotta go to Walmart tonight after work. Had to go over office blank receipts with LRH in the morning – changed them to reflect the type of services rendered. Updated the AR lists. Time for lunch. Back from lunch I went on Internet to check out flights for LRH trip for trial at the end of June. What a pain in the aft. Then updated office directions in case patients call for canalyth repositioning maneuver. Took Ma outside for a walk up the driveway. Lay on picnic table for a while with her as she sat and took in the sun. back inside, copied a bunchof recipes from Patti’s crock pot book. Then updated this journal. And that’s where I am right now. Almost 5 – I am going to do nothing now. 5pm, went home. Ate and checked email. Am waiting for the Botcon form to fax. Got ready to go to Walmart. Stopped at Ma’s on the way home to drop off tp and bread. Home, computer. Wash hair so I can color it tom’r. To bed.

Wednesday, April 21
Damn Slagging Bluestreak! Woke me up at 7am! Lay in bed until 7:10, might as well get up – have to color my hair anyway. It is very hard doing it by myself and takes time. Timer rang, 40 minutes, comb through, 3 more minutes, rise and wash 2x. Beautiful once again. Off to work. Checked a few footnotes – really didn’t feel like working. Finally watched some of the news at noon, went home to eat. Back from lunch, try to get motivated for footnotes. See how well I did – I’m updating this instead. Now I’m off to watch the rest of Quincy. 5pm – done – go home. Grab computer and go to Patti’s. We went ot the Three Star Restaurant to eat (prime rib sandwich – was nothing special, but how could I not resist something called ‘prime’) then back to her house. Was around 6:40. We watched 3 episodes of Witchblade. I downloaded Windows XP updates and a bunch of songs. Left after 10. Watched some TV and messed with computer until 11:30-ish. To bed.

Thursday, April 22
Cats woke me at 7. Got up around 7:30. Same old morning routine. Went to work. Putzed a bit doing nothing special. Did some footnote checking. Went to lunch. Back to Mom’s. Worked on footnotes most of the afternoon with frequent TV breaks. Home at 5 and played on computer, watched TV. Then at 9, watched Supernatural. More TV after and then to bed. 

riday, April 23
Woke early AGAIN! Dozed until a bit after 7. Dog barked to go out. Up, then went back to bed until alarm went off at 8.   Up and get ready because I had to be at the Lake View Post Office at 9 for passport application. Was 3 minutews late, but it didn’t matter. They took the pics, looked OK. Cost me $75 for book, $20 for card, $15 for photos and $25 for processing. Was only about 15 minutes, glad it’s done. They said I should get something in the mail in 4-6 weeks. Off to work. More boring footnote checking. Schwans guy came early so I left early for lunch so I could put my purchases in my freezer. Back to Ma’s at 1. Footnotes, interspersed with some business phone calls until 4. Watched TV until 5, then went home. Ate dinner. Got vests, gloves, reflective vests and helmets ready for road clean up on Sat. Barb needed my truck for scrap metal and tire drop off, so we switched vehicles for tom’r. Played on computer, cleaned bathroom, cleaned some of the island, watched TV. Sabres won – WOOT!! They are still alive! 11:12 – time for bed.

Saturday, April 24
Woke around 7:10. Slagging cats again. Get ready for clean up. Picked Tigger up at 9, then picked up Tara. We drove to East Aurora, got there 15 minutes early. I told Betty – that meant I could be 15 minutes late for something else. Haha. Eight ladies showed up. Tara and I drove to top of the hill to start, I think it’s much easier doing it that way. We used all 7 bags for garbage. But that’s how it usually is on the first collection day. Didn’t find any ‘treasures’ this time. Saw 2 dead deer, maybe their skulls will be there come end of summer. Tara scarfed a hubcap for her collection.   I gave her a WOW shirt and $4. We were done around 11:16. Went to the Iron Kettle Restaurant to eat. When done, dropped Tara off, then Tigger. Swapped the car for my truck at Ma’s. Home. Went on computer. Around 2 went out back and cleaned up – fired the burn pile. Worked until after 5. Pooped. Back into the house. Putzed a bit. Supper, got on computer and watched TV. That’s all I did. Tom called around 10:30. Thor isn’t doing very well – I think he’s got cancer. Didn’t get the full story, as Tom was very upset. Thor is only 10, and Buck died even earlier, at 7. Harley is 8 now, I hope he’s got at least 4 more years in him. Sometimes it is hard to have pets. I don’t understand how people who own rats and mice do it, their life spans are so short. At least most cats last 12-15 years. Coco made it to 18. Anyway, we talked a couple hours, he invited me to the American Legion gun raffle in May. Bed around 12:30.


I don’t know if I can get the whole month typed in time for tomorrow’s posting. I will try, but I figure I can be late for one entry. I’ve been good about posting on time the whole slagging month. I will try during tonight’s Sabres game.  LET'S GO BUFFALOOOO!!  

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Apr. 27th, 2010 01:17 am (UTC)
Ha, I aim to please!

You're welcome, sweetie. Hope it was happy.
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