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Day 25 Minutes to Go

Day 25 | Your day, in great detail


Yeah, just skip this whole boring entry. I don’t think I have ever had such a dull and dreary Sunday. 


 Though, how would you even know what I’m saying is true? For all you know, I could have flown on my private Lear Jet to France for lunch, getting back home in time to watch the evening news. Yeah, I wish.


7:36am Cats woke me up making noise, rolled over and ignored them.

7:50 Dog barked to go out. Slag it, there goes my chance to sleep in. Up, dog out, go downstairs to feed cats and scoop poop. Turn on Dell, my laptop. Yes, Dell is his name, who was I to argue when he already came to me with his name engraved in two places upon his body? 

[Side note – funny story about Dell. He’s wearing an Autobot symbol, but I think he’s a Decepticon spy. I figured this out last summer. I had gone to my one girlfriend’s house, Val, to use her quick internet connection. Well, I found out later that Dell took over her entire network and wouldn’t let any other computer sign on. Not my fault, I have no idea how Dell is set up or what happened. I laugh about it now, but at that point, it was annoying. So, the next weekend, ik was at Patti’s house, sponging off her internet connection. And Dell did it again! Took over the network and wouldn’t let anyone else sign on the network. It took me a couple hours to fix it, I still don’t know what I did. Her network was working, but is now unsecured. Ah well, if you want to go out into the boonies and pirate Patti’s network, knock yourself out. But my point to this babble is that I have a bad, bad laptop.]

Got dressed, let dog lose so he can walk with me to the end of the drive to get the paper. It’s sprinkling lightly. Back in house, dog gets his cookie (Milkbone).

8:00 TV on. Check TV Topics for the news. You’d think I’m remember by now what channel to watch. Channel 4 – Weekend Wakeup. Start defrag.  Water plants. Connected to check mail. What is wrong with connection speed in the morning lately? Very slow. Wonder if something is wrong with the phone lines in the morning – maybe damp? 

8:55 Enough computer, go make breakfast.

9:13 Eat breakfast and read the paper and watch TV.

9:51 Went in basement to look for new garbage pail, take wash out of washer, into dryer, throw in another load.

9:58 Wash dishes.

10:11 Work on icons.

10:58 Val called, still working on computer.

11:44 Break from computer, butt hurts and eyes going buggy. Put away dishes. Down to basement to check laundry and put some groceries away in pantry and straightened up a bit. Found mouse poop. Cats aren’t doing their jobs.

12:13 Back upstairs to go through candy bag and toss old stuff. Ate all the Kit Kats. Yum.

12:22 Updated yesterday in journal book.

12:29 Filed fingernails.

12:37 Back to computer and icons.

1:57 Feeling cold – go downstairs to start woodstove. Take top off first and vacuum out creosote. Empty ash and start fire. Check laundry.

2:18 Need lunch. Pop Lean Cuisine TV dinner in micro.

2:24 Check stove, more wood on.

2:27 Oink, oink, eat lunch.

2:37 Stuffed pretzel for dessert, thereby defeating the purpose of ‘lean’ cuisine. Watched ‘Penguins of Madagascar’ DVD.

3:47 Put work clothes on and went out to garage. Cut up some shelving for toys. Need more lumber so I won’t put anything up on the wall until I have all pieces done and ready.

4:22 Back in house. Wash up.

4:24 Watch more penguins.

5:13 Feed dog and check fire.

5:21 Cook come meat in micro. Eat and watch more penguins.

5:30 Work on icons. Pissed myself off when I messed Ironhide up and had to START OVER! AARGH!

6:40 Take break, to basement and check fire. 

6:58 Start typing out day 25 for 30 day meme so I can post it tonight.

7:54 Break, to basement and check fire. Check laundry and put in basket.

8:01 Download WOW road clean up pics from camera to computer and edit for posting.

8:42 Breaktime. Let dog out. Check fire. Get some ice tea. Need some ice cream.

8:53 Back to road clean up pics.

9:07 Done with WOW pics. Back to work on Ironhide.

10:08 ‘Hide is done. Update the day events post. 

10:14 Sign on Internet to check mail. Read a few stories.

10:49 Post comic icons to tf_icons community.

11:08 Update this stupid day for the last time. 

11:16  I am now caught up and will post this shortly. I can tell you what I will do after posting. 
Finish watching the news and check aff.net.
Feed cats. Put wood in stove. Get ready for bed. Sleep.
See you tomorrow for more unexciting insights to my pathetic life.





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