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Hell Weeks

Wow, it seems that almost everyone is having a horrible time with Real Life lately. It must have been the full moon. Makes my problems seem so insignificant.   Here are my excuses reasons for being behind on everything. 


PEAK. A word that strikes terror into the hearts of tax preparers everywhere.   
PEAK. A time when your entire life is focused on preparing someone else’s tax return. 
PEAK. A time when the office is open until 10pm and you don’t get much sleep.
PEAK. A time when you earn most of your money. 

Here at H&R Block, we have just completed the second week of PEAK. One more to go, thank primus. I have been working 3 nights a week until 10 – and that is after my ‘real job’ is finished at 5. Plus weekends, 10-5. (I’m getting too old for this shit!) But, after Thursday, things will slow down and I may get to the giant pile of dishes in the sink, not to mention the clothes, groceries and misc stuff that has accumulated all over my floor. I am thoroughly ashamed of how messy my house is right now. But, I place a higher value on sleep than I do a clean house. (Except the bathroom – I always keep that clean.) I need 8-9 hours of sleep, or I don’t feel right. 

My ‘real job’ was a bear a couple weeks ago. We had a mega-report to proofread, which actually took my sister and me 8 days. I concentrate on checking the footnotes, which is pretty easy when proofing a medical record review. In those reports, most of the footnotes are actual quotes from the medical records. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. (That’s my new fav saying!) But this report was a sham peer review, in which a lot of it is paraphrased from the court testimony. Which meant that I actually had to read AND comprehend the report. Much harder, believe-you-me.  

Two weeks ago (the first week of PEAK) the town highway dept came by and said they wanted to clear out the trees on the 10-foot right-of-way. I was fine with it, as long as they left the wood and didn’t cut down my massive ash tree on the corner of the driveway, a foot from the edge of the road. The town said they would probably start in a couple weeks. Well, wouldn’t ya know it – they started the next day! 

 Now around these parts, wood left on the side of the road is fair game. I certainly didn’t want any scavengers to swipe ‘my’ wood (Although technically wood in the right-of-way belongs to the town, not the homeowner. Screwy, huh?) So I found myself dragging limbs away from the road and piling them in my front yard - during my lunch. And those slagging highway guys came 3 more days to cut! But, I got most of it moved, my boss helped one day by cutting the larger logs into movable pieces, and then my buddy PJ came over yesterday and helped me finish what was left. Which was kind of funny in a way, because the landowners across the street arrived shortly after I started cutting logs with my chainsaw - but they had a bigger saw and small trencher to push the trees over and lift them into their dump truck. I was insanely jealous. I don’t know what they thought about the 2 old ladies trying to move wood. “Pathetic” probably. The town still has quite a few trees to cut, I just hope they wait a week or so because my back is killing me….

So, my pal, BR – there are my reasons for not beta-ing your chapter any quicker! Good chap - I don’t mind telling you again. 

And now for something completely different.
I finally received my ‘nook’ – the Barnes & Noble e-book reader. Whoohoo. It is so cool. It came preloaded with three classics: Dracula (which I have read numerous times, as I am a vampire fan), Little Women, and Pride and Prejudice (the last two which I am slightly ashamed to admit I have never read). 

First thing I did was drag the e-reader version of ‘TWTT’ to the nook’s document section. To my surprise – it worked! Then, I bought the e-books, Transformers-movie adaptation; the new installment of Anita Blake, vampire hunter, ‘Flirt’; and finally (for now) ‘I am Ozzy’ the autobiography of everyone’s favorite brain-dead rock star. Ozzy and Sharon were on the Ellen show last week pimping the book, and it really sounded intriguing. Hard to believe this guy survived to middle age. 
 When I get a chance, I’m going to put some more of the fanfic I have on Word on the nook. Yeah, that means you Ayngel! Gotta find time to read this stuff – I think I have an unscheduled hour in June!   

Finally saw the movie, ‘District 9’ Saturday night. 
In the special features section, Peter Jackson was interviewed and he said, “The combination of science, of fiction and comedy. I mean, it has heart, it’s a very funny movie.” 
What? Maybe a touch of sweetness at the end with the rose bit, but I found absolutely nothing funny about the movie. It was pretty brutal. I really hated nerdy Wikus in the beginning, he was a total asshole. And when he got infected, I was happy with the poetic justice. Later, when he plugged into the robotic thing (reminded me of the (ED)-209 from Robo-Cop) I felt a tiny bit of sympathy, just because he found his balls and saved Christopher. Was also happy Koobus got what he deserved. All in all, a decent movie. Will we see ‘District 10’ in a couple years, highlighting the return of Christopher? I need to take a few screen shots from the DVD before I send it back to Netflix. Maybe tomorrow.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it! 



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Feb. 8th, 2010 07:49 pm (UTC)
Old Ladies!!!!!
Bite your tongue :-p
Feb. 11th, 2010 04:25 am (UTC)
Re: WHAT!!?!!!
I sure felt old picking up those logs!
OK, OK, you're a spring chicken.
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