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Here’s my dilemma. 

This year I had hoped to get some time off from work for 2 events. BotCon if it was on the East coast because I really wanted to go, and the WOW Ride-in because it will be in Vermont, only 8 hours away. Last year, Botcon was at the end of May, and the Ride-in is always right after the fourth of July. Sounds good so far, right? Well, the best-laid plans of bikerbabes and Tformer geeks often go awry.  

BotCon was announced today to be in Florida, 6/24 - 27 (ugh, bugs and sweating). I already knew the Ride-in was 7/6 – 8, with an extra day on each end for riding there. No way will my sister let me take so much time off, so close together.  

What am I gonna do? 
Crap, crap, crap. 
Pros and cons. 

Women On Wheels International Ride-in –
Our chapter, Mz. Behavin’ – has been excited about going to this year’s Ride-in since we found out it was going to be so close to us. Hell, Vermont is right to the East of NYS, about 8 hours away (actually, on a motorcycle, that’s more like 10 hours, as we women ride). Easy enough to do in one day. Vermont is a beautiful state, lots of twisties to ride on, what more could a biker want? I was going to ride my bike and have someone else drive my truck in case of breakdowns. The other Ride-ins I went to were a riot – we all had so much fun. Well, except for the one in Michigan, but that was just because of that little N/C/M feud. I am the Chapter Director, the Dictator, Prime, the Big Boss – I should go. We’d leave on 7/5, and if no one wanted to take 2 days for the return trip, I’d be back home on 7/10. Six days. Figure $600 at the most for the total cost, as long as I don’t buy lots of crap. Do they even have stores in Vermont?   

 BotCon –
I really hoped it would be close enuf to drive, but FL is 18 hours away and there is no way I can drive that by myself. The only option is to fly, and I am less than enthusiastic about flying these days. I don’t like doing stuff like that by myself. But, it’s only 2.5 hrs by plane, not counting the hours you have to waste getting there early and doing all the security hassle etc. Much better than 18 hours on the road. Even though I love to drive and would love to get the CB out again. If I fly, I can rent a car to satisfy my wanderlust. I could get there on 6/23, giving me a day to putz, and leave late on the 27th. Back to work on the 28th. That’s only 5 days gone, my sister should be able to watch mom, my dog and cats for 5 days – right? Estimated costs are more, plane - $220, room - $300 (if I can find a roommate to split costs with), car - $100, attendance tickets - $300 (I think that’s what the premium tics cost last year), and Tformer souvenirs - $1000. No, just kidding. I figure $300 for TF crap. And that’s not even adding in food and emergency $$. Wow, that’s really expensive. AARGH! 

 When’s the last time I had a vacation, anyway? Two years ago – that’s when! I deserve a break – what if I die this year. I am getting old, and you never know. Now I’m just being morbid. *sigh, grumble* 

I’m going to have to think about this.
But first, I have to see if I can get off work.  

On a holiday note, (BAH, HUMBUG!) I finally finished my Christmas shopping tonight. Not bad for just starting last night, huh? I don’t buy that many presents, about a double handful of folks. Oh, crap. I just remembered I didn’t get the dog and cats anything. Well, to the pet store during lunch tom’r. Anyway, I think buying stuff got me in the Christmas mood. Mainly because I bought presents for me! Yes, I swear, I am such a nimrod. Yesterday I went to Toys R Us to check out the Mighty Muggs, as I saw they were on sale in Sunday’s paper. Well, they had the Tformer second series out, so I got what I could. I don’t know if this is the complete set or not, the Hasbro website had no info. I bought Movie Prime, Movie Bee, G1 Jazz, G1 Soundwave. Very cool. Will take pics tom’r and post on a couple communities. And then I got myself the latest Laurell Hamilton book (on sale, with a coupon), a pair of jeans (on markdown), a t-shirt that I have been watching for 4 months on the sale rack, and some sponge candy (that I will eat all myself because I am so going on a diet with my friend Stacy in January). Presents for everyone (except the animals, bad mommy). I do enjoy giving stuff. Makes me feel good.  

So, Christmas eve I go to the in-laws, and Christmas day dinner at my mom’s. I better remember to bring the Jack Daniels. Actually, which reminds me that I also bought myself some Jim Beam Red Stag, really yummy stuff. I’ll take that. It should be a tolerable holiday then.  
That's all the bitching for tonight - I gotta go to bed.



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