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Snow Sucks.

Well, I am just a little posting machine lately.
That's what happens when you have snow days and don't feel like cleaning the house.

Well, part of the problem today was my plow truck, Whitey, wouldn't start. We got at least 16" of snow yesterday. I couldn't even open the front door to let the dog out, it was piled so high against the storm door. Had to stick my arm out and use a broom to brush snow away so I could force some room. Harley struggled to the end of the deck and peed right in front of the steps. I don't blame him, it was so deep.

But, back to the truck problem. 10 am, I shovel my way to the garage (pant, pant) and nothing happened when I turned the key. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. No dome light, no turning over, not a peep. Even the mice in the heater core were dead. (But, that is because I put out poison last week.) Anyway, I almost cried. Figured out it was my fault, totally. On Tuesday I had pulled Whitey out of the garage and gave him the once-over, because I knew snow was coming. And I left the dome light on. Since Tuesday. What an AFT-HOLE!

I was so mad at myself. Trudged back into the house for the charger. But, he seems to be coming back to life. By tomorrow morning, he should be fully charged and ready to work. I hope. Otherwise I will be calling a friend to plow me out.

I think I hate winter. So cold. But, Bluestreak has found the warmest spot in the house. In the basement, right under the stove. Jeez, any closer and he'll start to cook. Stupid cat.
Last year, Ratchet once lay so close that he singed his fur! Phew. I could feel the burned hair on his tail when I stroked him. Yeah, gotta love those stupid kitties.



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(Deleted comment)
Dec. 16th, 2009 04:21 am (UTC)
All kitties are cute!
I can't imagine living somewhere without 4 seasons. Though, here in Buffalo we also have 2 official seasons - winter and construction. hahaha! Old joke!
I don't think I know where you live, can you tell me?
Believe me, snow is cool when you are younger, but the older you get, the more of a pain-in-the-aft it gets.
Oh, truck is better - it's alive!
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