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Tformer Geek meme

Stolen from swipeatronspark. 
The WE ALL LOVE TRANSFORMERS Amazing 21 Questions Meme

Fill out the questions in a post in your journal so everyone knows how much of a nerd you are.


1 - Name every Transformers series you have watched:
Made it through all of G1 and G2, including the 1986 movie. Have seen all of TF: Armada, all of TF: Animated out on DVD, a few episodes of Energon and Cybertron (but they sucked so bad I couldn’t watch the whole shebang). Also the 2007 and 2009 live action movies many, many times - to the point of obsession. 

2 - What was your favorite series?
If you’re strictly talking series – G1, up to before they killed off all my fav characters and Galvatron went crazy. Although, I must say the 2007 movie is full of awesome and turned me on to Tformers in the first place.

3 - Have you read any of the comic series?
Yes, all of the graphic novels related to the new live action movies. I bought a collection of about 200 Marvel comics from ebay, which I haven’t even read yet. They include comics from 1984 up through 2004. Also read Megatron Origins and All Hail Megatron. I just bought Shattered Glass, Infiltration and Escalation. 

4 - Which faction do you prefer?
I’m an Autobot supporter all the way. I think by now, Prime knows that their government cannot go back to how it was – besides the fact that Cybertron is practically destroyed. Megatron/Galvatron is crazy. The Decepticons may have had a reasonable cause for rebellion in the beginning, but I think the power of being leader went to Megs’ head. It became less for the good of Cybertron and more for the good of Megatron. 

5 - Which character (or characters) do you like most?
Ratchet is my fav in any universe except SG. I enjoy him when he’s cranky. He’s the miracle man, the ‘Bot who can fix anything. I need a man like him. 

I have a thing for movieverse Ironhide because he’s a big black truck and I love trucks. And he’s pretty grumpy also. 

In no particular order, I also like G1 Beachcomber (similar to my personality), Sunstreaker (pretty), Thundercracker (sexy voice), Blurr (I like fast cars), Armada Starscream (so sad), TFA Prowl (sexy, and he’s a motorcycle), TFA Blurr (awesome robot mode) and movieverse OP (giant metal Jesus).   


6 - Why do you like them so much?
The 2007 movie captured my interest with the CGI and I had to learn more about the fandom. Movieverse OP was so noble and I found that G1 OP was a bit goofy. 

There’s the traditional struggle between good and evil. Optimus dies in many universes, and is resurrected. Hope returns anew.     

Chances are, a robotic civilization would be the most likely aliens we would first encounter.   Would this society have its own morality, art, jokes, romance? Would they have developed similarly to humans?   Will we meet Optimus Prime in heaven? 

It took me a few months after the 2007 movie to discover fanfiction, where I discovered I was a pervert who got off on robot smex. 


7 - What is your favorite pairing?
It’s a tie between Optimus/Starscream and Ratchet/twins. 


8 - Why do you like this pairing so much, you deviant?
OP/Starscream is just pure angst and so illogical. It breaks my heart. There’s a reason they are from different factions.  

Ratch/twins is just kinky. Threesomes - old ‘bot with young ‘bots - how can you go wrong? 


9 - What sort of sex do you like your robots to have?
I love to read sticky, but I prefer to write plug and play. But any smex is good as long as it’s well written. 


10 - Dress someone up. Who is it and what are they wearing? 

Tracks in a leather hood, handcuffs, belly chain, and leg irons. 

11 - If you were a giant transforming robot, would you be a pirate or a ninja?
Hmm, both are pretty evil. I would rather be a Shaolin monk. But, if I had to choose…a privateer I be, ye scurvy dog. 


12 - What are your thoughts on Transformers reproduction?
Either the Allspark brings your protoform to life or two mechs combine sparks to make a…baby spark. When the new spark can survive on its own, it is placed in a protoform. 


13 - If Huffer and Gears threw down in a fight, who would win?
Who? Oh, Mr. Confidence and Sir Obnoxious. I have no idea and I really don’t care. Hopefully Sunny will shoot them both for getting in his way.


This is a pet peeve of mine. They both share the same looks and pile drivers, but they are different colors. Rumble was first seen in ‘More Than Meets the Eye-part 1, and he is the BLUE one. Frenzy didn’t show up until ‘Countdown to Extinction’ and he is RED. Get it straight, people!


15 - Do you have a folder full of Transformers porn on your computer?
Geez, I just looked and I have over 120 porn stories saved. I am pathetic. 


16 - How many pictures does it have in it?
Not that many. Around 25. I prefer reading it to seeing it. 

17 - Your thoughts on Transformers gender.
They are machines, they have no gender. To me, femmes are likened as dwarves are to humans, the same species, but different. 


18 - Kiss Players is the best thing to happen to Transformers. Do you agree with this statement?
I love KISS! 
♪ ♫ I wanna rock and roll awl night….♪ ♫ Oops, wrong KISS. Sorry. 

I have never seen any Kiss Players, so I would have to say, yes. 


19 - Do you roleplay? If so, where, what, why, how?
No, I know nothing about roleplay.


20 - Are Transformers SERIOUS BUSINESS?
Serious moneymakers for Hasbro, that’s for sure. 

To me, they are an obsession that keeps me out of bars and off the streets. 


Big old Peterbilt truck. With a double bunk, clean sheets and a huge air horn. 

I hate monkeys. 



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Oct. 19th, 2009 05:21 pm (UTC)
I want to see #10 83
Oct. 19th, 2009 08:03 pm (UTC)
Ha, me three.
Hey, your icon moves! Cool. [I just noticed because I am on my boss' super-fast computer, whereas I have dial-up at home.]
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