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chat discussion - just temporary for DR

· [04:27:11] Green dwaink: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MSg0Otwgz4
· [04:27:35] Green dwaink: i don't even know what being an American means anymore.....
· [04:35:53] Saint yummyquik: fake news.
· [04:46:48] Green dwaink: yummy are u saying that this isn't actually happening?

· [13:41:10] Saint yummyquik: What I think, dwaink, is that we are only getting part of the story (which is the modus operandi of the big news outlets). From what I've read, the illegal immigrant adults are immediately sent to jails run by US Marshals, and the children cannot be put
· [13:43:03] Saint yummyquik: be put in jail with them. So, they are taken away to be placed in foster homes - temporarily - until we can get the adults processed. The illegals are stupid to bring their children, what do they expect to happen? Anyway, it happens, but not exactly as
· [13:43:12] Saint yummyquik: as always reported.

· [19:04:51] Green dwaink: yummy i thank u for responding...everything u have stated(which i also believe to be true) is included in that news bit
· [19:06:44] Green dwaink: what is new is that this admin has decided to suddenly start seperating children from their mothers with no legal basis(it is against the laws of the land) and then defend the practice in court as if they don't believe the children have no parents.
· [19:07:39] Green dwaink: they are being treated as unaccompanied minors and they stating that with no papers they don't believe the parents are the parents
· [19:08:40] Green dwaink: and the judges then say did u try DNA testing? which in every case proves they are the parents. They have brought children as young as 18 months into court
· [19:09:57] Green dwaink: and the reason they are doing this is to act as a "tough" deterent to imgrants entering the country. they do this to those that cross the border and those that show up at a declaration point as well
· [19:11:12] Green dwaink: John Kelly stated this exactly in a press conference, and when asked if this was legal or wether the children were being well cared for stated "these children will be looked after...or whatever"
· [19:12:35] Green dwaink: 1500 of these children were lost last year by the government, they have no idea or record of where these children are....these unacompanied minors...who entered the country with their parents
· [19:13:18] Green dwaink: this has never happened before, this is brand new and it is a legally undefensible action by the admin and ice
· [19:14:42] Green dwaink: when slavery was in action and when Hitler was killing Jews this sort of thing happened...this is not the United States of 2018...it is utterly heinous and can not be tolerated



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