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Well, sorry if I left you hanging about how Harley was doing.  He is OK. 
We both suffered with that Huge Skin Thing hanging and rotting.  Phew.  It really stunk by Sunday and I had to lay towels all over his beds because it was seeping stinky stuff.  Didn't fall off, and I was kind of relieved that it didn't.  Then I would have had to clean it up.  *gag*
Called the vet Monday and they said come on in and they would cut it off.  That visit was no big deal.  Harley didn't want go in the door (surprise, surprise), but he was a good boy and it was up on the table, snip, and he was done.  The vet walked in the room and asked if it stunk and I said, well, yeah, kind of snide.  He said he can't smell anything, his sense of smell is gone.  Weird.  I wonder how enjoyable eating is for him?  Anyway - 
Harley is like a new dog.  He acts like he's twelve again!  haha. But seriously, he's doing very well.  A little stiff, but that's to be expected with the colder weather.

Speaking of weather, Buffalo set a new record for the least-snowiest start to the season since 1899.  Wow.  
That is pretty amazing.  I'm not complaining, that's for sure.  My plow truck has a flat tire anyway.  
We'll never see that record beat in our lifetimes.  

Let's see...not much else exciting to report.  I am boring.  Trying to survive.  I swear, my mother is slowly killing me.  I'm waiting for my sister to have a nervous breakdown.  Then, I figure we will either put ma in a home, or get some outside help.  

I procrastinated (surprised?  I'm not.) and I am behind on my tax classes.  I have to do some serious catching up these next two weeks.  I really wish I could take a leave of absence, but if I don't work, I lose all my 27 years of seniority.  And that would suck.  So, I will do my classes and updates so I can work Sundays.  [Why am I messing around on here when I can be taking that Ethics test?!]

On a happier note, I made my hotel reservations for TFCon in July.  \o/ 
Something to look forward to, at last.  I enjoy that immensely.  
My high school 40th reunion is this summer, too.  But, I don't know if that is an event to anticipate.  Probably not.  I see from previous years that they have family picnics and banquets.  Yeah, that would be so fun to go to those by myself.  Maybe I can hire a boyfriend for the weekend.  Hmm, I wonder what that would cost?  *fantasizes*  
But, I'm sure I won't attend anything.  Even though I am curious.  Curious, but I  really don't care, you know.  I'm not in touch with any of my [two] high school friends, and I can't imagine them showing up.  
My brother has been nominated for the Eden Sports Hall of Fame.  He was big in sports while in high school, and he had the NY state records for javelin and discus for the longest time. I am ashamed to admit I don't know which one is still standing, one fell fairly recently.  He did a lot of coaching in the Army and school teams where he has lived.  But, it would be cool for him to be admitted.  He deserves it.  

Well, dog has to go out, AGAIN!  Geez, he's worse than a little old man, having to pee every hour.  
I love my dog.  I'll be sad when he's gone. 


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Dec. 15th, 2015 10:54 am (UTC)
Oh I am glad there was a good resolution for Harley!
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