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Disgusting details of vet visit.

Harley and I had a tough couple days.  
Had to take him to the vet yesterday.  Let me elaborate. 

For the past year or so, Harley had a large skin tag hanging down between his legs in the area where his scrotum was previously located.  It was ugly, but caused no distress and the vet was loathe to do anything surgical due to Harley being so old - fifteen in Feb 2015.   
About a month ago, the tag started to swell to the size of a golf ball.  Still no distress and we left it alone.  Then, almost overnight, it swelled to the size of an orange a week ago.  Very unsightly and it was swinging like, like, like bull balls hitting his hind legs while he walked.  I figured I needed to call the vet, but one thing led to another and I procrastinated.  Until he started licking it and caused sores on the skin.  Urg.  
Got an appt for the next day, which was yesterday.  Something had to be done because it was just too big and gross and probably cancerous - from what I read on the internet.  
I was really nervous, butterflies in my stomach and everything.  I'm not ready to let him go yet.  I was afraid of what would happen.  

Well, the vet still didn't want to do any surgery with anesthesia, as the side effects for older animals can be pretty severe.  So we decided to tie the thing off, stop blood flow and it should die and probably drop off.  Like sheep balls.  Google it.  Gross, I know.  
It may turn gangrene, in which case I should return to the office and they will cut it off.  Urk.  
Poor puppy, the procedure really stressed him out and I presume he was in a lot of pain due to the tying off.  He could barely walk as we left the office.  I had to leave him sitting in the parking lot while I went to the truck to grab the extra blanket so I could sling his behind.   He slept almost all day afterwards.  He's walking better today - still shaky but he has problems with his back end anyway.  

He got some pain pills and antibiotics.  Twice a day until gone.  He's getting 2 scrambled eggs, twice a day because I stick the pills in the dish and he doesn't even notice.  
I have put extra blankets and towels on his beds and the floor where he likes to lay to try to decrease the yuck factor in the house.  Same at ma's.  
All we can do is wait for now.  
Again I say - YUCK!

I try not to think about it, but his days are numbered.  I hope he can make it through one more winter.  

Anyway, after all that stress yesterday, I fell on the deck steps this morning taking Harley outside.  
I use a sling to help him down the steps.  Everything was wet and he was on the side with the anti-slip stick-ums because I certainly didn't want him to slip and strain himself.  Whoops - my foot kicked right out and my aft and lower back hit the edge of the steps.  Owie.  
I am quite sore, especially my back.  I hope I don't stiffen up overnight.  It's gonna suck if I can't move tomorrow morning.  We've got patients in the office tomorrow and I am not looking forward to sitting on that uncomfortable chair as a chaperon.  

And, that's the poopy-scoopy.  


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