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Fair stuff

The Erie County Fair started last Wednesday.  I ran in after work just to see if any of the stuff I entered won.
I was very pleased, considering I hadn't entered stuff in the past few years. 

My antique lantern won a first!   \o/
I got it from ma's basement. 

I chose the darker spider pic for an abstract photo.  Got a second.  \o/

For Collectibles, under the superhero comic category, my signed comic received an honorable mention.  \o/  

Um, pot roast sundae?  No, thank you.
Some of this fair food is just funny.   Or disgusting.  Sometimes, both. 
I do love me the london broil sammiches - just from a different vendor - The Butcher Boys.  
With a name like that, you better be good.  

Didn't have time to see much when I went, but, this succulent wreath was really cool.  
I'd like to try to make one of these next spring.  

Double hydrangea.  So pretty.  Mine didn't even flower this year.  :(  

Hmm, I think these were varieties of mum.  I forget.  Look how huge that pink/white one is down front.  

That's it for now.  I'll see what pics I can take when I go again this Sunday with my girlfriend.  


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Aug. 18th, 2015 03:02 am (UTC)
Congrats on all the ribbons! \o/

I wonder what a pot roast sundae is?! Flavored ice cream? Meat garnish? Is there gravy involved? Strange. The flower display on the left is pretty, though.

That succulent wreath is gorgeous.

Ooh, those are pretty hydrangeas. Didn't know they came double bloomed now. We had some around 1979, they were always blue, with the greeny white centers.

What a pretty pic of all the flowers in the vases! Not only are the flowers lovely, but I like how there's a plant mister in the background and the whiteboard, and all the vases with their entry tickets and ribbons. Not only captures the flowers but the whole 'flower show' aspect. Hmm, I wonder if those are dahlias. They look like something very Alice in Wonderland.
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