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TFcon 2015

Back to real life. Urg.

I had such a good time at TFcon this year. It was probably just the fact I got away from home.
Of course, I have pics (not as many as in previous years) for you to see.

Barb let me leave work at 11am Friday, so Larry & I went to pick up the rental.
I really intended to have everything packed up and ready Thurs evening, but my procrastination kicked in something fierce. Finished packing and didn't leave home until 2pm. The drive up was fine and crossing the bridge wasn't very aggravating. I did get a bit lost because I took a different route from previous years so I would avoid that nasty toll road, Rt 407. See, my problem was I couldn't find my maps so I went by memory and a printed direction sheet from googlemaps. [Note to self: next time, print the maps, not just the words.]

Anywho, I got off one exit early, and drove on some street in an easterly direction. I knew I was heading in the correct general direction, but didn't want to overshoot my turn to the north. Stopped at a gas station and bought a map, found I wasn't too far off course.
Passed by a mansion, and was so awestruck by the fancy gate that I actually turned around and went back to take a pic. Even the mailbox (almost hidden behind the pole on the left) was fancy-smancy.

If you go to googlemaps and plug in street view for 4547 Mississauga Rd., Mississauga, ON, you can see a better pic.
Continued on my way, got to the Harley store down the street from the hotel a few minutes after 5pm. Bought two shirts and a biker map for New York State. Backtracked to the hotel and checked in, dropped my stuff in the room and went to register for the Con.
While waiting in line I saw one of the kids in the family behind me had on a Buffalo Bills shirt. I asked if they were from Buffalo and they said yes. So, we talked a bit. They had driven up, too.

Watched the auction on Friday night. I knew better than to bid because I've been to auctions before and you get caught up in the excitement and pay too much for stuff.
Made a quick recording of John Moschitta as he sold a lunchbox. I have that thermos that I bought at a swap meet for twenty-five cents. Whatta deal. Now I need to find the box.

Saw a baby OP in the hall. So Cute. Mom gave me permission for the pic.


Let's see...oh, Prowl was back! Saw him two years ago, in rough shape. Remember, I posted a pic and bought a t-shirt to help with repair?
Old Prowl from 2013 -

New Prowl -

Holy black and white - you look fab, darling!
Best shot I could get of the inside - all black and white. haha - you can see me reflected in the glass.

I was talking to the owner, and he said Hasbro paid for the new paint job, on the condition that it matched the new Masterpiece Prowl figure. That was fine, as he didn't want to have the same paint as the previous owner anyway. And, it was FREE!
It doesn't run yet, there was something wrong with the electrical system, but I think he said Hasbro may kick in for the engine, too.
Good for him. It's nice to see the old cars all shiny and sexy.

There were two KITT cars there, but I am only showing one. One was enough.

I was in the morning Cullen autograph session. I thought it was very well organized and we didn't have to wait very long. He is such a nice man.

Cosplayers were pretty sparse this year.
This person was in the contest and the character was announced, but I forget.

I particularly liked this guy. Made me laugh.

From the costume contest, left to right -
Barricade, ?, ?, ?, Megs (well done), human Whirl?

Almost too many to list, but you can pick out Soundwave, OP, ?, humanized Knock Out, OP & Megs (inspired by, I think they said Lolita? I have no idea....), baby OPs, Jack from Prime (very clever), ?, Springer, ?, Barricade, etc from above. It was too hard to move closer and get better pics.

Some shots of a few cool toys on display - if you don't know who they are, I'm sure you don't care.

Aww, this Swoop was beautiful.

Love the eyeballs.

King Grim. Lousy pic but beautiful toy.

Creative art contest entries were kind of disappointing.
Ironhide's gun, looks like it was made by the same guy who made OP's gun in the next pic.

OP's gun, I presume it's the same one entered as last year.
Very impressive work on them both, though.

This was a cute idea.

Nothing else impressed me enough to take a pic.

Somehow, I lucked out and got a front row seat for the Peter Cullen Q&A sesson in the afternoon. I got in line around 4:30, talked to a gal behind me and squeed over her Bob. He was adorable and tiny and so light. My Bob was in the room napping with Sunny. My wrist was tired from carrying him around all day - I have something wrong with my left wrist and can't carry too much.
Anyway, the organizers split wristbands out of the line and I just happened to be in the proper VIP line, so I got moved up at least 20 spots. We were taken into the room to be seated in our line order. The people before me wanted to stay in a group, and were sent to the second row, and the staff guy asked for a single, as there was one seat left in the front. I opened my mouth and claimed that last seat. So cool. The stage was about 10-12 feet away.
I've never had such a good spot before.

I only recorded a couple of the questions. I'm sure they will have a DVD of the session for sale next year.
Some questions were a waste of time, as you can find variations on youtube.
This one asked what his feelings were when OP got killed in the G1 cartoon.

At the end, Peter thanked everyone and you could see how he got choked up as he left. Who would have ever thought that a child's cartoon would still have such a powerful following 31 years later. He certainly didn't.

I also learned, and of course neglected to tape, of his involvement with the first Predator movie. You know I love those aliens with the sexy masks. I even have that clicking purr as my notification tone on my phone. Well, he invented that sound. He had a whole story, which I am guessing is on this video someone else made and put on youtube. I haven't watched the whole thing yet because I don't have time, but I will include it now for my own reference to download later when I have a better connection.

Oh, if you are quick, you can get a glimpse of me around 1:32 seconds in when the camera panned to the left at his entrance.


For some reason, I awoke at 6:30am. Wasn't happy but I couldn't get back to sleep so I got up, finished packing and decided to check out the brunch downstairs. Made one trip to the car to scope out the bar/restaurant and since there wasn't too many people I grabbed a table. I don't like to eat alone in restaurants when they're crowded. It makes me feel like I am taking up space.
Anyway, I oinked out and went back up to the room to wait for the dealers room to reopen at 10. Made a quick swing thru to see if there was anything new I wanted, said goodbyes to a couple folks and started my trip home.
Worse part was spending about 45 minutes trying to cross the bridge. I always pick the wrong lane. No clue what the problem was up there but some car ahead spent about 15 minutes at the custom booth. Traffic otherwise was fast and smooth.
Pulled in my driveway a little after 2pm.
You can't imagine how sad I feel to be back here.


I didn't buy that much. Was looking for Robot Heroes but only saw a couple. Didn't see any Heroes of Cybertron, at all either. I seemed to gravitate towards jewelry this year.

Got the #1 comic autographed.

Also autographs from John Moschitta, Jr., the guy who voiced Blurr, and Michael McConnohie who did Tracks and sweet little Cosmos. I couldn't find any comic covers with those characters to get signed, but I did manage to find a 'speaking part' for Blurr in the 1986 movie issue, and an old book with a decent picture of Tracks.
Also bought the DVD's from the two previous years discussions and interviews. Haven't watched them yet. Hopefully they will have Cullen's session all nicely and professionally done on a disc for sale next year.

"Onward my minions!" orders Robot Hero Thundercracker.
I don't know where those little figures come from, but I must have them all. So cute.

A couple of patches from S. The red one is going on my motorcycle vest. I'm such a nerd.

Some adorable Sunny & Sides keychains. Such a cool idea.

More jewels. A Sunny & Sides wire bracelet, a motorcycle necklace (I forget who she said it represented), and a matrix keychain.

Now, this necklace I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!
It really caught my eye, not sure why because I really don't wear those colors. I'm a black & silver gal.
A matrix ring was included in the price.

And, not to be forgotten, my usual chocolate purchase from Duty Free. YUM.

Someone really needs to set up a booth that sells t-shirts. Multiple styles and prints. The only shirt I saw was from the organizers. There must be a reason no one sells them. I would love to but I don't think I would be able to take merchandise over the boarder. My friend got in trouble a few years ago taking jewelry up to their cottage to sell.

Well, that's it. Took me a long time to sort through this stuff, hope you enjoyed some of the pics.
Please excuse any large spaces in the post, the previews show spaces but I can't fiddle with this any more. 

[Crossposted from DW. Apparently, I like to spread my boring Spam all over the Internet. And, I paid for both sites, so I should use them like a mad monkey. Comment at either place, I'm easy.]



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Aug. 2nd, 2015 08:35 pm (UTC)
Beautiful Post, Prime!
Happy you got to go!
Aug. 3rd, 2015 12:27 am (UTC)
I was happy, but the happy didn't last very long. :(
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