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I have good news and bad news and a bunch of bad news and good news and something to look forward to in the future.

My bike is done.  \o/  
Now I will be able to take some rides with my bro while he’s up here.  I hope to pick it up in the next couple days. 

My bike will cost $1149.00.  Phew. 
I guess that’s not too bad because I haven’t had any major work done on it in about 15 years. 
At least now I will feel safe riding 50 miles away.  I was a bit worried last year.  

The plumber I called came to check things out yesterday.  He said he didn’t want to go down the hill on the side of the house and in through the back door like I preferred.  So, now I probably have to clean a path through my kitchen, around the island and down the basement steps.  I say probably because....

He called me back tonight and said he doesn’t think he could do the job.  He is an older guy with heart problems and the tanks weigh about 160 lbs.  It’s not worth it for him to call his helper because it’s such a small job.  So, I need to find another plumber. 

I did get a probable estimate for the hot water tank from him though. 
More than what I expected.  The cost is related to new government energy efficiency regulations that went into effect in April 2015 (figures) and the type of tank I have/need.

Instead of a conventional, cheap water heater, I have a power-vented model.  The exhaust gasses need to vent somewhere outside the house, and most new houses don’t have chimneys.  With the p-vented tank, the gasses are blown out with a fan either through the side of the house or, in my case, through a pipe in the roof. 

I could probably get a tankless, but it is more expensive and would probably need more maintenance because of the heavy mineral content in my well water.  He advised against a tankless, but he also admitted he wasn’t that familiar with them as most of his work is done in older homes with normal tanks. 

I guess this happened for a reason.  Or reasons. 

I am finally, FINALLY getting rid of the piles of crap and stuff I don’t need so my house doesn’t look like it belongs on that hoarder TV show.  I feel pretty happy with my progress.  I can actually walk in the basement without tripping over something. 

I threw out a lot of old food.  For example, I had some Carnation Instant Breakfast from 2007.  Pretty sad, right?  I think I will also toss all my spices, as many are pretty old.  I don’t really cook much anyway.  I’ll buy new of the ones I actually use.  Um...salt.  Parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme.  [hahaha] Oregano.  That’s really about the only spices I use in stew.  I like my food pretty bland.   

Also, tossed many, many plastic containers that I saved.  Why did I save them?  I don’t know - I may have needed them someday?  Not like I could have gotten more WHEN I ACTUALLY NEEDED THEM instead of letting them pile up in the basement taking up room. 

I must say, it was very hard to throw that stuff out.  I am trying to be ruthless, but it’s more like...like...getting spanked with a newspaper than a wooden spoon.  Still a spanking, but not that bad.  Still tossing, but not everything.  If you even understand what I am trying to say.

Anyway, cleaning up is good news.

My brother told me that if I continue to clean out the house, he will give me a trike that he is building out of my nephew’s 1200 Sportster. 
This is so cool and makes me so @$*&$%$* happy!  My bro is so good to me.    
I can still keep my bike, in case I feel like riding on two wheels, but the trike may be a bit safer for long distance trips since, unfortunately, I am getting older. 

So –

that’s the poopy-scoopy.

I need to get to bed.  Tomorrow is a busy day.


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Jul. 2nd, 2015 04:18 am (UTC)
Hot water heater
Call Duffett's One Hour Plumbing and Heating ... Very professional and fair. We just had our Furnace/air conditioner replaced. One day start to finish. They would know whether an 'on demand' water heater is appropriate for your water. Ours has too much iron 😔
Let's ride Friday!
Jul. 3rd, 2015 01:52 am (UTC)
Re: Hot water heater
I already called Roy's and they are coming on Monday. They did my basement pump quite a few years ago and I liked them.
We'll see what they say.
I have lots of minerals, so I don't think I would be able to have the tankless, anyway.

Friday is a work day. I do hope to have time to go get the bike in the evening though. Depends.
Betty & I are going to try to go to Connor's at the end of Sturgeon Point for dinner at least once a week. Probably Tuesdays, we're still deciding. Maybe you can go with us. It's really nice on the lake. Eden Pennysaver has coupons.

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