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So... Still no hot water. Good thing I can go shower at ma's house, or I'd be stinking up the neighborhood.
I'm really lucky this didn't happen in the winter.
I am so close to being done with the basement. Well, not the whole basement, half of it, at least. I am up to the pantry, which is to the left of the water tank. Here's a partial pic - most of the stuff on the floor will need to get tossed.
Yuck. Mold on the floor and guitar case. The mice had a party with my orange peeps.

I have an old treadle machine that has been just taking up space down there. (I really should sell it, I have never used it and don't have room upstairs.) It has 6 small drawers, 3 to a side. I found 2 dead mice in one drawer, and a live mama mouse with babies in another. I evicted her. Feel kind of bad for tossing the family outside, but I don't need any more mice in the house. Ratch caught 2 younglings last week, so I'm sure there are plenty more in the insulation. I'm afraid to use poison because of the cats.

Also managed to weedwack (actually, I used a whip, not a whacker, so my shoulders hurt - http://www.zoro.com/true-temper-cutter-weed-wood-handle-1945000/i/G0416342/?utm_source=google_shopping&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Google_Shopping_Feed&gclid=COGg1tutosYCFdgYHwodBroAdQ&gclsrc=aw.ds ) on the side of the house so the plumber guy can get to the back door.
No way he's going to go thru the house. I did get quite a bit done, I think I want to call the plumber tom'r to see if he can come sometime later in the week.

Let's see...Oh. My bike is gonna cost about 1,000.00 to get fixed. I had a blown head gasket, and an oil leak on the bottom of the engine. They're gonna jettison the carb, fix the gas petcock and change the fluids. I hope they finish this week, my bro's coming in on Friday and we want to do some riding. The cost is a bit more than I had figured - I'm gonna have to raid my TFCon stash. But, I guess I just won't buy much this year.
I did get confirmation from my sister that I can still go, so I made a rental car reservation this morning. Whoo, can't wait to get out of here.

Time for bed. I'll leave you with a cool video I saw on TV. I need to try this with my nephew on the beach when he gets here.

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