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I have started and discarded so many posts recently it's not funny.
Thousands of witty [well, witty to me] statements and cool pics and random bitching, all deleted for lack of time. Most were relating to specific things going on in the news or life in general. But, they spoiled like a macaroni salad left out in the sun as time marched on.

Let me sum up.

Found a wet spot on the basement floor. A big wet spot. Discovered that one of the 5 gallon drums of wood treatment for the house leaked. What a mess, but it mostly leaked into the bathroom.

The baby robins on the house matured and flew away. I was glad they made it this year. I put some chicken wire around the house corner to make it harder for the neighbor's cat to climb to the nest. It looks unsightly, but I don't care. Just call me trailer trash. I did the wire because that cat did climb the other corner and knocked off the old nest. Good thing there wasn't anything in it yet.

Holy Heat Wave - we had some unbearably hot days in May. It was really strange. Got the air conditioners in, and then we had a cold spell. Of course. It's been very pleasant lately, with temps in the high 70's at the most. Just how I like it.

I haven't been getting out of work/ma's until 6-ish or later. Barb needs me to get ma up and start her dinner. Which means I don't get home sometimes 'til 7pm. Makes for a long and tiring day. No wonder I don't feel like doing squat when I get home. House is a mess and I really don't care.

I think I lost a bunch of photos somewhere off my laptop. I was sorting and deleting crap pics last month, but I didn't think I made it through so many folders already. There's only 5 left. I need to check my backups to see if I screwed up.

Went with my nerd friend from H&R to see Avengers. I enjoyed it very much. I'd like to see it again, but time is the problem. I may just have to wait for the DVD.

Speaking of DVD's - I finally bought The Hobbit 3 pack. I never got to the theater to see part 3, so I am still standing on the edge of the cliff from part 2. And, I am actually watching part 1 as I type. I forgot a lot. After these, I think I'm gonna have to watch LOTR again.

TICKS ALL OVER!!! Wow, it has been really crazy tick weather. Barb goes and feeds the turkeys in the orchard twice a day and she's brought at least 5 ticks into the house already. Hasn't been bitten, at least. It's really creepy - every time I have a little itch or tickle under my shirt I look to make sure it's not a tick. Yuck. I haven't been out back at my house because I know there are tons of those bloodsuckers out there.

Trailered my bike to the Harley dealer last Saturday. Yay. I need gaskets replaced in the front of the engine and an oil change.
I asked for an estimate to fix an oil leak on the bottom of the engine. More gaskets, of course, but I don't think I have enough to pay for the oil leak. They haven't gotten back to me yet. Man, I want to ride, so bad.

Then, that same Sat evening, I was going to color my hair and discovered that I had no hot water. Crap. What now?
I went to the basement and there's water streaming out of the bottom of my hot water heater. About 1/2 inch of water all over the floor. MY STUFF!! Argh, sucks to be me. This was around 9pm at night. Double crap. Looked up on the internet what to do - turned off the water and circuit breaker to that half of the basement. Went to bed because I couldn't handle any more.
I have been trying this past week to clean up stuff so a plumber can get to the tank. Remember I've told you about my hoarding problem? Well, my basement is packed. A fire hazard, really. In the back of the basement, there are double doors that open to the outside. I have managed to clear a good, wide path from the door to the bathroom, which is about halfway to the tank.

Here's some pics so I can share my misery.
Wet, slimy floor with nasty mold on the walls and rug. Like I said, that's halfway to the tank. The back doors are to the left.
that entire hallway was packed with boxes and bags and more moldy rugs.

For this next pic, I am standing just about in front of the bathroom door, looking towards the tank.
(This is to the right of the above pic.) More boxes to move. At least they are plastic totes, so the stuff inside isn't ruined.
But, behind the totes is a box of paperbacks, which I saw were all wavy and probably moldy. That makes me sad.
You will be able to see the boise box of paperbacks in the third pic.

And, this is on the other side of the pile of crap, where you can see the tank in the corner of the pantry.
All that stuff on the floor is wet and disgusting and there is moldy stuff on the floor in front of the tank because I don't always put my groceries away like I should.
Sad, sad, sad.

But, today I moved everything up to the boise box. I just couldn't do any more. My back was killing me and I was getting light-headed from breathing thru a mask.
My goal is to finish tomorrow so I can call the plumber on Monday.

I've thrown out lots of stuff, but surprisingly, not that much of value. My wedding guest book got wet and moldy, but I will just tear out the pages with signatures and toss the book. And those paperbacks will probably need to get tossed. I am not looking forward to seeing what is in there.
The water is gone, I have no idea where it went. Probably soaked up into the wall insulation. Great.
I can only worry about one problem at a time.

And, that is the poopy-scoopy from this tick-free neck of the woods.
Good night.

[Crossposted from DW. Apparently, I like to spread my boring Spam all over the Internet. And, I paid for both sites, so I should use them like a mad monkey. Comment at either place, I'm easy.]


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Jun. 8th, 2015 01:24 am (UTC)
I am sorry ...
There are no words 😢
Amazing what can set priorities on end.
No one offered to help?
I will, tell me when. ❤️
Jun. 8th, 2015 03:00 am (UTC)
Re: I am sorry ...
I would be too embarrassed to have someone come and help me. It is quite disgusting, plus wearing a mask because of the mold is not fun.
I just need to get rid of stuff instead of saving everything.
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