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I've discovered how dependent I am on my cell phone. I suspected I was addicted, but - man, oh man - the anxiety!

I had to go to H&R last night to take care of a client. Usually I keep my phone in my pocket, but it's impossible when wearing my dress slacks. I left it on the desk behind the monitor, sound off.
After completing the return, flirting with the client and going outside to admire his new truck, I was in such a hurry to leave that I neglected to grab the phone off the desk.
Got home, wanted to get online, and HORRORS!!! NO PHONE!!!
I knew right away what I had done. I searched my purse and pockets anyway, just in case the phone fairy slipped it in somewhere while I wasn't looking.

[Explanation - I don't have any internet connection in my home. No cable or wireless. I use an app called pdanet, which syncs my phone to my computer so I can actually use my phone's broadband (or whatever they call it).
I have unlimited data, which is a good thing because I use a lot of it!
They don't offer unlimited anymore, but I have never upgraded my phone or contract, so they are stuck with me. MUAHAHA!
That app only works with certain older phones, but I am set for a few more years because I bought a spare off ebay.

I couldn't check email or feed dragons or play any of my usual games. I had to *gasp* do the dishes instead!
I did do some computer file cleaning last night while watching TV. Mostly deleting bad photos and moving others around. But, it was weird not having the comfort of a phone in my pocket.
This morning, instead of my usual wake-up-and-get-online routine before work, I shoveled snow and made myself a fancy breakfast.
Called H&R to make sure the phone was still there, and I made a special trip during lunch to pick it up. What an annoying waste of 70 minutes.
But, everything is now good. My baby's back and here I am posting.

In other news,
Ma's doing as well as can be expected. Sunday was her 93rd birthday. We had cake, which was pretty yummy.
She's not talking much, at all. Once in a while you'll get a 'yes' out of her, but mostly she'll just nod her head yes to questions. I think talking is too much effort. She seems to be deteriorating more now than before the hospital stay. It sucks.
[Nod you head is yes, and shake your head is no, right? Sometimes people write stories and use them interchangeably. Quite annoying.]
Dog is holding up. I think the cold is hard on his old bones, sometimes he needs a little help to get up the stairs. But, don't we all these days?

Oh, and the weather! Holy cold snap of the whip, batman!
Enough already.
My outside thermometer said -5 degrees yesterday morning. A town approximately 70 miles southwest of here registered -35. Can you even imagine?
Buffalo's official temp at the airport was -9, with a -24 wind chill. They said we beat a cold record from sometime in the 1800's. I wrote down the official date, but can't seem to find the paper. I think I left it at work. Unimportant details.
Suffice to say, it's colder than a witch's tit outside. (No offense intended to anyone who is a witch. I remember my dad saying that once when he didn't realize us kids were around. We giggled for what seems like an hour. Dad said a bad word. Teehee.)  
We're gonna have a heatwave tom'r - supposed to be 12 degrees - but back to freezing at the end of the week with MORE SNOW! 

Here's my driveway today (a nice sunny day, but your nose will freeze off if your face isn't covered.).
I think I told you my plow truck is dead, so I have the two tire ruts to follow to get up and down.  The ruts are hard-packed, that's about 6-8 inches of packed snow.  The snow on the side is also hard-packed and over my knee, which means that there's over 2 feet of snow on the ground.    
Good thing I have a 4 wheel drive truck, or I'd never get up the drive.  

Um, let's see....
Anyone else offended by those stop-smoking commercials on TV from the Dept. of Health? Or are they only in NY?
I don't want to see fat being squeezed out of an artery while I'm eating my dinner. Or some guy going to his doctor for a tracheotomy check up.
What do these stoopid officials think? That no one realizes smoking can causes cancer? Well...what doesn't?
So, please, just stop.

And, on the subject of stoopid officials -
Heard on the radio today a State Dept. spokeswoman said (paraphrased) the US is killing a lot of the Isis terrorists, and we'll keep killing them. But, we can't win the war by killing them. [Wut?] We need to offer help to the undeveloped countries and go after root causes that lead people to join these terrorist groups. We need to give them opportunities for jobs.
Again, I say, WUT?
What the hell is wrong with these political butt-waffles? Don't they get it? Radical Islam doesn't want job opportunities, or to coexist (have you seen those bumper stickers? Laughable.) with us. They want world domination and a one-world religion. Either you convert to Islam or you die.
Coexist my aft.
This government makes me so mad.
The US of A we remember from our youth will cease to exist in 50 years.

And, that is enough bitching for today.

*hugs phone and goes off to feed pixel dragons*

[Crossposted from DW. Apparently, I like to spread my boring Spam all over the Internet. And, I paid for both sites, so I should use them like a mad monkey. Comment at either place, I'm easy.]




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