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Snow Day #7

FREE AT LAST!!!!!!!!

If I had snow tires [procrastinate]
I could leave. [procrastinate]
But, [procrastinate] they were delivered today [procrastinate],
so tomorrow I'll call my mechanic [procrastinate] and make an appointment [procrastinate].
Though to be fair, I usually don't get my tires on until after Thanksgiving.

Looking around at the piddly six inches of icy snow left on the ground, I found it hard to believe four days ago I had to fight to open my front door against a pile of snow.

I walked around to see if there was any major damage.
A lot of small branches are broken, and one of my lilac trees snapped. My old shed fell in, which wasn't much of a loss as it was crap. I was saving it to possibly raise pheasant chicks, but that is probably another goal to go unfilled.

 photo 11-24-2014shed_zpsfa7fa177.jpg

They finally dug out over at ma's today, too. In fact, Larry came over at sunset to help me dig another tire path down the driveway. Although, I really don't think I needed it, with 4 wheel drive. Even if my tires are crap. But, once he gets something in his head....
He also brought over the super-sized battery charger for Whitey the plow truck. Once it charges, I can still drive it a bit, even if the tire is half flat. I'll check the Sears sale paper to see what air compressors are on sale. I'm kind of glad my compressor died (I forget, did I tell you that on Day #1?) because I always wanted a stand-up tank to fit in the corner better.

Oh, and Larry brought MILK!!!
I was going into withdrawal. I've already had 2 glasses of Quik. yum yum yum.
That canned evaporated milk is crap.
Oh, and I got a brownie. Good thing I have milk now. hahaha.

Also, I found a Reeses cup in a coat pocket, so life is good.
Except, I have to go to ma's tomorrow. Back to the old grind.
If I were wealthy, I could easily live a slovenly life and not work. Ever.

Holy Hell Freezing Over - the Bills are winning.
Oh, damn. I probably jinxed it.

[Crossposted from DW. Apparently, I like to spread my boring Spam all over the Internet. And, I paid for both sites, so I should use them like a mad monkey. Comment at either place, I'm easy.]




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