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Snow Day #5

LET ME OUT!!!!!!!

 photo 11-22-2014letmeout_zps0cbd4c0b.jpg

So, I made it to the road this morning. Not that it did me any good, as I can't go anywhere.
The top of the pile at the end of my driveway was about 4 feet high.
Getting there was an adventure. I made it halfway yesterday, and I had to finish the quest because I could see my mailbox door was hanging open. Just what I didn't need is to have a plow tear it off.

I shoveled about a foot of snow to the side, and then stomped until I could stand on a snow base. [I'm getting too old for this slag. Where is a man when you need one?]
Made it to within 6 feet of the road. The snow was really hard-packed and frozen (you know how the plows always do that at the end of your driveway on purpose) and I couldn't dig any more.
So...I lay down in the snow, rolled to the top of the pile and slid down to the road. Easy-peasy.
Walked up to the corner, which really isn't that far. There was a front loader working down the crossroad, pushing snow back. Oh, I was so jealous.
Anyway, this is my neighbor's house on the corner. You know how high STOP signs are....
And, yeah, that snow was piled up against his house.

 photo 11-22-2014neighbor_zps2867035b.jpg

Oh, the slagging plow hit the edge of my mailbox. I forced the door shut, and I will call the town Monday to see if they will pay for a new one. We've had a lot of out-of-the-area help coming in, so I am guessing a noob was plowing. It's never been hit before. My ma's mailbox, which was on 4 stout posts, was completely obliterated, so I guess I am lucky. Although, if they did hit my post, they would probably dent the plow. I have a steel I-beam embedded in a concrete base, with a steel box to hold a normal mailbox. There's a lot of mailbox baseball going on around here, you know.

Took my pics, and then I climbed back up the snow pile and rolled down to my little path and back to the house to rest my old bones.
Came back out in the afternoon with the goal to make it to the garage. I needed my metal shovels, as ice was forming on the deck and my plastic snow shovel just wasn't up to the job.
I also found my salt, which has already proven useful on the steps.

I used the same method of shoveling a bit of the top, and stomping a base. Things were a little harder, as the temperature had risen and things were melting. And, I got rained on for a few minutes. The snow has compacted and is twice as heavy, and is about a foot lower than it was yesterday.
I made it, though.

 photo 11-22-2014garagepath_zpsa073af0f.jpg

Looking back from inside the garage. There is at least a foot of hard-packed snow in that little path.

 photo 11-22-2014garagepath2_zpsb0adf0c8.jpg

I'm only slightly worried about my roof. I thought I heard a creak inside this afternoon, but I think I'll be OK. The pitch is pretty steep. Not so with the garage, though. But, there are a lot of rafters in the garage roof, so I'll just have to hope for the best. I don't have a snow rake, anyway (it's over at ma's) and no way am I climbing a ladder to the roof.

I was hoping that I'd be able to clean the truck off a bit, but I was too tired. My shoulders hurt and my legs hurt and I don't need to give myself a heart attack. I know enough to rest.
There were 13 deaths in this storm, quite a few from overexertion. If I die in the snow, no one's gonna find me until next week.

Ran out of milk. Dog got some cat food mixed in with his dinner tonight. I don't think he cared.
Went down to raid the basement pantry and found a couple cans of condensed milk from 2006. I know it's from 2006 because I mark a lot of stuff I buy since I don't use things up quickly.
My flour in the cupboard is from 2001. Yeah, that is pretty sad. I'm gonna have to make a list and update some of my cooking stuff. A lot of my spices are at least 5 years old.
while scrounging in the basement, I also scored 2 plastic containers of store-bought meringue cookies! YUM!! They're from last Christmas, and taste fine. I love that stuff.
And, geez, I have canned fruit and veggies down there and soup and a ton of noodle packages. I can probably survive for another two weeks.

So, that is the poopy-scoopy for today.
I'm sure you are bored with my little notes, but at least it gives me something to post!
Now, to watch Star Trek (the original, of course) and go to bed.

Tomorrow is another adventure. 

[Crossposted from DW. Apparently, I like to spread my boring Spam all over the Internet. And, I paid for both sites, so I should use them like a mad monkey. Comment at either place, I'm easy.]



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Nov. 26th, 2014 07:44 am (UTC)
Meringues! Meringues are fabulous!!! <333
Hope your roofs hold out! O.O
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