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Snow Day #4

Well, the snowfall has stopped, and now we have to deal with the aftermath. A weather web site states that the three day snow total for my area is over 50 inches.
My shoulder hurts from shoveling.
Showers are forecast for Saturday, with a temp of 41 degrees.
Sunday, 52 degrees and more rain.
Monday, 60 degrees! Wow, I'll have to get my bike out!
Tues, 42 degrees.
I don't have a sump pump as I am built into a little hill. I've never had a flooding problem before, but I will watch the basement just in case.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, we had Thundersnow on Wednesday night. It was really weird, how muffled the sound was hearing it while in the house. Lightning flashes seemed much brighter, I presume because of snow reflection. Had to take dog out right before bed and, holy crap, there was a flash and clap nearby that really scared me. Everything lit up like day and the thunder seemed to echo like a monster's empty tummy. I ran back in the house like a scared little girl. I have so many trees and I could just imagine myself getting fried by lightning and melting a snow angel thru the snow.

I trudged a path halfway to the road this morning, but it was so exhausting I couldn't go any further. I will give it another go tomorrow.
I really thought that I would be back at ma's yesterday. I laughed at Larry on Monday night when he was all worried about getting the snowblower ready.
I am a doofus.
Barb's not expecting me until Sunday.  They'll have to come pick me up - if they can get out.  

Snow pic update -
Comparing yesterday's truck pile with today's you can see a bit of a difference.  
You can just about see the driver's side mirror on the left. 

 photo 11-21-2014truck_zps548ec593.jpg

Phew. That snow on the roof is scary.  Almost three feet.  I'm a little worried, but there's not much I can do about it right now.

 photo 11-21-2014house_zpsb98f3ac1.jpg

I am just about out of milk.  There's less than a cupfull.  >:(  
I think I have some canned stuff in the basement.  I'll have to go and see.  I've been very lax in my food storing this year. 
Dog food is getting low, but I have extra cat food he can have in an emergency.  
Otherwise, I have enough food.  

Left over meatloaf for dinner.  

Oh, the 'Troll Hunter' movie was decent.  A bit annoying in that all the speaking parts parts were in Norwegian and I had to pay attention and read the subtitles.  But the trolls were pretty cool.  

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