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Snow Day!

@#$%^& Lake effect snow!

I'm snowed in today - Eden has gotten around 13 inches of snow. I heard on the radio that Lancaster has 29 inches, and the north side of Orchard Park got 3 1/2 feet!!! Sucks to be them.

And, of course, my plow truck wouldn't start, he has an almost-flat front tire, and my air compressor died.
On the bright side, I can't get to ma's house. I guess Larry is going to have to help Barb with ma in the bathroom.
I might not be able to leave my house until Thursday, because the band of snow is expected to stay mostly in place until then. Well, I have steak, chips, and Reeses cups, so I'm good. I may run out of milk, though.

It's always so weird with the snow bands around here - the city of Buffalo has nothing, and just a few miles south you're in a snowstorm.
I snagged this pic from the TV website. You can see that Buffalo is clear, with the hockey arena in the middle of the pic, and the Skyway to the right. To the south, the band starts. Yeah, I'm in that band about 10 miles down. I can barely see across the road.

 photo Snowband11-18-14_zpsd280e055.jpg

Someone asked me ..."what is that white fluffy stuff in the background that looks like a glacier?"
That is snow falling at the rate of about 3 inches an hour.
On a clear day, you would see more shoreline to the left, and blue lake on the right fading into the distance. Yeah.

Nature is amazing.
And annoying.

Well, I guess I will work on trying to finish up my tax classes and go through a box of papers. Maybe even two boxes.

But, first things first - breakfast for everyone!

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Nov. 20th, 2014 02:00 am (UTC)
Argh, I'm trying!

It's very humbling when you realize nature can still totally kick humankind aft!

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