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Bright colors means danger, dummy!

Just some recent pics and a funny story.

Isn't this guy adorable?! I caught him on the driveway over the weekend.
It's the eft (juvenile) of an eastern red-spotted newt. So small - why do we love small and cute things?
I plopped him in that bowl in the background and he swam like an alligator. Pretty cool.

 photo salamander2_zpscf979287.jpg

And, since we are talking about cute things -
I caught this tiny tree frog about a month ago. Not that great a pic - but he was really squirmy.

 photo frog_zpsfae4777f.jpg

This is another tree frog, one of the ones that hang out around the porch light in the summer for the bugs.  
It was pretty chilly, and I was surprised to see him that night.  I guess that's why he's all huddled up.  

 photo frogonchristmaslight_zpscfd92708.jpg

I saw this lizard in the pet store showing his stuff a couple months ago. 
Made me laugh. 

 photo lizzard_zps68e90bd8.jpg

And, not related to amphibians or reptiles, I saw this billboard on Rt. 20 coming home from getting fuel.  
Good thing there wasn't anyone behind me, as I slowed down to take the shot.  
Pretty neat, I think.
No - not the sale price of MickyD's!

 photo youarebeautifulsign_zps04e9ed0a.jpg

Alright, now for the funny story.
I noticed on Sunday that the peaks of my upper lip (Don't know the technical term) were feeling "tingly".  
Figured that it was just chapped lips, so I put Neosporen on overnight.  Well, I woke up Monday with the tingle and it stayed with me all day.  I use a lot of lip moisturizer, which wasn't helping the weird feeling.  Even tried the miracle cure of Listerine on my lips with no success.  Tuesday, same story, and I wondered if I was somehow developing a cold sore - even though I have never had one in my life.  
And, I haven't kissed anyone in over 10 years, so it couldn't be herpes.  
I was slightly worried. 

This morning, it was feeling a bit better - more numb than tingle.  If you can understand that.  
Waiting for Ma to wake up, I was reading my NYS Conservationist magazine received in the mail last week, and came across this picture someone had sent in of a red eft.  (See first pic.)  The magazine stated, and, I quote - 
"...While adult newts live in water, efts are land dwellers and are usually seen on moist forest floors, especially in the fall.  Eastern red-spotted newts secrete poisonous toxins, and the eft's bright coloration serves as a warning to predators."  

I must have accidentally touched my lip after holding the eft and before washing my hands.  
Well, not really, but I was careless and am suffering the consequences. 
Kind of funny, especially if it's not happening to you.  
I hope the tingle doesn't last too much longer.  It is annoying. 


Barb goes to the eye doctor tom'r for a follow up.  I hope things are progressing, but right now she still has very blurry vision and can't do much.  I think she's gonna be useless into November.  

And, that is all for tonight. 

[Crossposted from DW. Apparently, I like to spread my boring Spam all over the Internet. And, I paid for both sites, so I should use them like a mad monkey. Comment at either place, I'm easy.]


Oct. 23rd, 2014 05:39 am (UTC)
Yikkes!!! I love your peeks into nature ... And, thanks for the warning! Stupid Humans, indeed! I would never had thought! Cute little bugger. The skin on your lips are very sensitive ... And to last 48 hours, Yowza! Sounds like the makings of a nasty sister trick 😎
Oct. 27th, 2014 12:58 pm (UTC)
glad you enjoy the nature around my house.
I've never found a red eft before. Next one I see I'm gonna step on. hahaha, just kidding.
sort of.
No, really. I'll wear gloves next time.

still numb, but better.



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