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Busy weekend.
Friday I took my buddy, Betty to see Colin Mochrie & Brad Sherwood's improv show.
Holy cow, my face hurt afterwards. They were so funny.
I figured I would enjoy myself, as I love the TV show, Who's Line Is It Anyway?
I would definitely go see them again when they come back to the area.
Here's a sample clip where they are doing the Alphabet Game, starting with the letter 'Q'.
The mousetraps are to make it more fun and dangerous. There were only 100 traps at our show. 
(I have no clue why there is such a large empty space here.)

Audience participation was both very good and very crappy.
For the sound effect game, there were 6 people who took turns making the sounds. The ladies were very good, but one of the older guys really sucked. He just stood there watching and didn't really make enough sounds. For example, when Colin would open the pretend-car door there was silence. Very annoying. If you can't or don't know how to play the game, don't volunteer, asshat!
Anywho -
there are quite a few vids on youtube if you want to see more.
I didn't get home until after 11pm.

Saturday was busy, what with the usual watching ma chore. I also checked my bike over because Betty was NAGGING AND NAGGING ME to go on a ride with the gals on Sunday. I really didn't feel like going - I have so much to do - but it will probably be one of the last rides for me this season. I need to get my exhaust valves changes because the engine pops terribly when I start the bike. Plus, I'm not inspected. So, my plan is to take it to Gowanda Harley this month before the snow flies. I have a coupon for a free inspection in Oct. Yay.

Met Betty at her house, and we traveled to the meeting point. The rest of the girls had already passed by, but Bunny stopped so we would know not to wait. The three of us caught up with the other seven down the road.
Oh, my aching aft! Almost two hours riding without a break. I was just about ready to pull over and stretch when we finally got to the restaurant.
I had a burger. Very yummy. Oh, and I bought some ORANGE CREAM fudge from their store. IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!
I wish I had bought more. I need to find this stuff somewhere. I don't wanna make it - I wanna buy it.
Orange cream has replaced pumpkin as my new, favorite fudge flavor. I will search around later.
My bike isn't really made for long distance riding like that - it's too small for me and I need to get off of it after an hour or so of riding. Bunny let me borrow her air seat cushion for the ride home. I think it worked pretty well. My tailbone wasn't as sore and it pushed me up a bit on the seat so my legs were stretched out on the pegs better. I think I'm gonna buy myself one.
All in all, a beautiful day and a tolerable ride.

Let's see...what else.
My sister's eye surgery is this Thursday. Macular hole surgery, to be exact.

"A vitrectomy is the most common treatment for macular holes. In this surgery, a retinal specialist removes the vitreous gel to stop it from pulling on the retina. The specialist inserts a mixture of air and gas into the space once occupied by the vitreous. The bubble of air and gas puts pressure on the edges of the macular hole, allowing it to heal. While the bubble is doing its job, you must lie face down [emphasis added] so that the bubble stays in the right place in the eye, sometimes for as long as two to three weeks! Although it can be very boring and obnoxious to stay still for so long, this approach is absolutely necessary for you to achieve the best vision after treatment."

We figure, two weeks of Hell. She won't be able to do anything, and I will have to take care of, not only my house, but her and ma, too. I can't even imagine how horrible it's gonna be for everyone.

Check out the equipment she had to buy in order to stay face down.


Two weeks.
Two long weeks....

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