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Lightning Update

Oh, I guess I should update and let you know what's going on up here.  
I've been busy and kind of forgot.  

I had water in the house again on Monday afternoon.  Get this - the pump had it's own separate fuse box, with fuses!  I had no idea!  The fuses in the box blew out, so the plumber just had to replace them.  Easy-peasy.  And, way cheaper than getting a new water pump.  I was extremely happy.  

Finally checked the garage yesterday and nothing works.  Bummer.
My radio, air compressor and the overhead lights won't turn on.  I believe the garage has it's own fuse box, but I don't think there are fuses in it.  So, would it be called a breaker box?  *derp*  
It looks like everything is set properly, but I'm not sure.  My bro-in-law will look at it tom'r to see if he can figure out what is what.  If he doesn't know, my bro will be coming into town tom'r evening and he is pretty good with electrical stuff.  
Hmm, I wonder if the Christmas lights strung around the place are still working.  I'll need to check them out - maybe use an extension from the house.  I don't want to pull them down if they are OK.  

And, I think my telephone line from the pole to the house is dead, too.  I borrowed a land line phone from ma's house to plug into the outlet that comes in from outside, and I don't get any dial tone.  

I sure hope my homeowner's insurance will cover some of these replacement costs.  I will call them tom'r. 

List to date of broken stuff:

air conditioner
stereo/cassette player
pump service call to replace fuses
telephone in kitchen & bedroom? or line into house
color on TV is off
2 heavy duty outlets in basement don't work
air compressor
boom box radio (garage)
5 shop lights

And that is the poopy-scoopy. 
Good night! 

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