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rant post

slag, slag, slag.
crap, crap, crap.
dammit, dammit, dammit.
%^&*, #$%*, %^&*.

Today has been one of the worse days I've had in a long time.  And, none of it is attributed to ma or Barb.  Can you believe it?

The great room air conditioner is fried and so is my water pump.  Oh, and my TV might be on the way out, too.  

My sad story started early this morning, at 4 am.  A violent thunder & lightning storm blew through the area, and I woke up because my dog and Blue decided to get in bed with me.  I suffered through loud meows and heavy panting that shook the bed for about a half hour.  One strike even made me jump - I thought it broke a window upstairs because I heard a loud CRACK!  
Things settled down around 4:38 am.  

It was very muggy this morning, but when I tried to put the air on, nothing happened. I checked the instructions for troubleshooting problems, did all the stuff and I was still sweating.  I even tried another socket, and brought in an extension cord to try with a socket outside the house.  The conditioner still didn't turn on.    
(I did see that the breakers to the garage had tripped, but I am avoiding checking anything in there to see what might be broken or not working.  Procrastination in my middle name.)   

Sweating and stinky and po-ed  I started to do some dishes, and noticed my water pressure was dropping.  The pump wasn't kicking on.  Holy crap, what now?!  No pump means I have no water for washing or flushing the toilet.  Ewww.  (But, I do keep 2 buckets of water in the bathtub at all times for such emergencies.  Plus, the cats like to drink out of the buckets instead of the dog bowl - I presume it's because of dog-backwash.  I also have...hum...I think 8 gallon jugs of water on the basement steps - also in case of emergency and because I don't drink my well water.  I drink either bought spring water or city water I bring from ma's house in gallon jugs.  Such is life in the boonies.)  
Back to my sad, sad tale.  The colors on the TV look weird.  Right now, Sheldon & Leonard have very red faces and there is green along the bottom of the picture.  Granted, the TV is over 10 yo, but it was fine yesterday.  So was the air and pump.  

Well, what I think happened is that lightning hit somewhere and traveled to the SE corner of the house to the sockets with my a/c, TV and pump, none of them with surge protectors.  Everything in the rest of the house seems to be working fine. My laptops and computer have fairly new surge protectors - - oh, I just remembered - my land line phone seems to be out, too.  The screen has a message 'Check Telephone Line', which probably means my phone is scrap.  The telephone line comes into the house from the SE corner, too.  I better have my sister call me tom'r to see if the phone rings. 

Wowie - I'm looking at the weather report and there is a flood warning in effect until tom'r.  It shows a huge storm rolling in from over Lake Erie.  With lots of lightning.  Great.  More rain.  Lots more rain.  Just what I need. 
I'm going to bed to try to get some sleep.  I can't take any more stress today.  
I will worry about calling an electrician and everything else tom'r.   
I tell ya - sometimes I really miss the high school days when all you had to worry about was not getting picked last for dodge ball.  

[Crossposted from DW. Apparently, I like to spread my boring Spam all over the Internet. And, I paid for both sites, so I should use them like a mad monkey. Comment at either place, I'm easy.]


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Jul. 28th, 2014 10:15 am (UTC)
*snuggles* That's not fun at all.
Jul. 28th, 2014 12:28 pm (UTC)
hahaha, what an appropriate icon!
Thanks for the snuggles - I needs dem!
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