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So, in other news -
I smell dead mouse.
Slagging cats must have left one upstairs to die...again. *sigh*
I think it's under the stove, but the smell is very faint right now. I'm sure I'll get a better handle on it tomorrow if I can't find it today.

Ooh, I see the lightning bugs are out!  I need to try to catch a bunch to put in a jar to see how bright they will shine.  
Yeah, yeah, I'll release them when I'm done.  

The robins that nested on the corner of the house by my front door this spring are back to raise another brood. I am reasonably sure that it is the same ones, as they act the same. One bird is cool, and stays in the nest when I come in and out the door and walk across the deck. The mate spazzes out.
And, another pair took up residence on the other front corner. Both of these birds are prone to panic, but maybe they will calm down as time goes by.
I think this is pretty cool.
Sometimes they fight like normal neighbors would, but I've only seen that a couple times. They generally stay in their own space.
I haven't taken any egg pics because I keep forgetting to do so during lunch when it is brighter.
The Northerners should have hatched eggs any day now, so maybe I'll wait 'til the babies have arrived. The Southerners are at least a week behind.

I finally bought a new antenna for my TV.  
I'm too cheap to have cable.  (I'd rather spend my money on important stuff, like...plushies and action figures.)  
Anyway, my old indoor antenna wasn't doing the job.  I lost channel 23 and 49, and sometimes all the 67's.  I bought one of those FlatWave amplified HDTV antennas from Amazon and put it up high in my big windows.  

It looks pretty stupid, but at least I got all my channels back, and the reception seems to be much better.
The real test will be if it will keep a nice picture when it rains.  The old one let the screen go all pixelated.  
Ah, a few more weeks and I'll have new blinds, too.  \o/ 

Head to tale, inch and a half long.  

I think he was close to expiring, as I was able to pick him up and pose him on my flowers (which need to be planted). 

Went to the local veggie stand to buy some famous Eden sweet corn.  
Saw these cherries all stacked up for sale.  I asked the lady if she super-glued them to get the stack so high.  

I can't believe this next shot came out so nicely.
This was a teeny, tiny spider web spread in the grass, maybe 3" x 2" .
I used the micro setting on my phone.  Too bad the rainbow colors didn't come out, but I am still pleased.  

And, that's all I got.

I need to find that mouse....

. [Crossposted from DW. Apparently, I like to spread my boring Spam all over the Internet. And, I paid for both sites, so I should use them like a mad monkey. Comment at either place, I'm easy.]


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Jul. 22nd, 2014 04:52 am (UTC)
Wow, beautiful pictures! Such perfect little round water drops.
That beetle is epic. So are those flowers.
And ooh, those cherries look so good. How DID they get them stacked that high? o.o
Jul. 23rd, 2014 11:36 pm (UTC)
You're busy! I love the photos - they're fun and interesting.
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