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Looks like things are a go for Toronto this Friday. *knock on wood*
I should be able to leave by 3pm, maybe earlier. That would put me at the hotel by 6-ish, as long as the wait at the Peace Bridge isn't totally unreal. I am hoping to get there before 8, so I can register that evening, rather than Sat. morning.
I don't have any definite plans for the evening. Maybe I'll check out the opening ceremony.

I researched food places around the hotel because, you know, food is important. That restaurant in the hotel was OK, but very expensive. Anyway, I found a Harley store just down the street! WHY didn't I notice this last year? I need to go get a t-shirt. It's tradition, you know.
I'll probably get my brother and nephew one, too. Because I'm so nice.
BWAHAHAHA! Yeah, right.

My luggage is upstairs. I thought it was still in the bedroom under a pile of not-so-clean-anymore clothes, but I forgot I cleaned it out a few months ago. Good for me.
I found my passport, and that's the most important thing. And, I have to go to the bank and exchange my hoarded one dollar bills for real money. I don't think vendors will appreciate being paid with a handful of one's. hahaha, although that might be amusing to see their expression when I hand over 50 one dollar bills. If I don't get clocked in the face, that is.
I wish I could find all my good maps and info from last year. They might be in the basement. I threw a bunch of crap in boxes last week. I'll check tom'r.
So, my preparations are rolling along. Friday I will roll out. HAHAHA! I am tired and getting so excited to get out of this hellhole that I amuse myself very easily.

I should look up rental cars before I go to bed.

Made a stupid mistake and ordered 2 Covenant of Primus from Amazon. Now I have to dick around and send one back. How annoying.

Ace still isn't back from the repair shop. That doesn't bode well for a cheap fix. Guess we'll see tom'r. Then, I can figure out how much $$ I have to waste at the Con. Oh, I have to roll my coin, too. AARGH, too much to do!

Good night!

[Crossposted from DW. Apparently, I like to spread my boring Spam all over the Internet. And, I paid for both sites, so I should use them like a mad monkey. Comment at either place, I'm easy.]



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Jul. 8th, 2014 05:32 pm (UTC)
Toeonto bot con? If u find a dude named Jim Semonik give him a noogie and say megatron ftw. Lol
Jul. 8th, 2014 11:11 pm (UTC)
I'll do my best. ;)

Oh, I forgot to let you know I got the bracelet last weekend. It is beautiful!
Jul. 9th, 2014 03:06 pm (UTC)
Hah! Thats funny i just messaged u in etsy about that. Good im glad it came!
Jul. 8th, 2014 10:51 pm (UTC)
See you soooooooon.

I'm bustling about to get things squared away between work and baby-sitting, too. And thanks for reminding me to locate my passport -- I need that!
Jul. 8th, 2014 11:15 pm (UTC)
yays - it'll be nice to see you guys again.

I still need to find stuff for the guests to autograph.
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