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TF - AoE spoilers


That was one loooong movie.
3 hours and 10 minutes, which included the previews and end credits.

The popcorn with extra fake butter gave me a tummy ache.  I barely made it to the bathroom afterwards.  Urg.  The older I get, the less crap I can eat.  I think my body’s trying to tell me something.

Anywho –
Very exciting movie.  Too long, but exciting.  Lots of chases and fights and I was constantly on the edge of my seat.  I really wanted to grab someone’s hand during the stressful parts, but my girlfriend probably wouldn’t have been very understanding.  In fact, she had to shush me a couple times, when I yelled some choice words at the screen.  i.e. “Yes!  You bastard!  You got what you deserved!”  (Surfer guy’s demise.)  etc.
I like to interact with the characters.
The CIA %#$*er got what was coming to him, too.  I clapped for his death.

Ah, let’s see.
3D was annoying.  Too much crap flying up all over the place.
The burnt cinders during OP’s capture scene took away from what was going on.  Black confetti everywhere.  And the bonfire sparks.  There was at least one other use of fly-in-your-face-and-give-you-a-headache-trying-to-focus scene, but I can’t recall what it was now.  Things happened so quickly.  That was a lot of movie to take in with no clicker to rewind.
I would like to go see the movie again in regular, but three hours is loooong and I don’t know if I can afford that time.

Oh my - poor Ratchet!  That was hard to watch.  But, it was kind of like a car crash where you can’t help yourself.  I watched very carefully because of what someone mentioned. 
I think, when Lockdown took his spark, he didn’t crush it.  It went by so quickly, but I am pretty sure that it was intact.  Hmm.  Is it on the ship?
OP was pissed when he heard about Ratch, though.  Vengeful Optimus is scary.

I liked the fact that the transformations of Galvatron & the drones were different, with those flying boxes.  Pretty cool and it demonstrated the difference between good and bad guys very nicely. 

OMG, Stinger.  New, improved Bumblebee, my aft.
But, that car!  Drool, drool, drool.
Now I feel like I’m cheating on my fav, the lambo.

I did not care for Hound.  Bleah.
Drift was alright, I have no real knowledge of him except from fanfiction because I don’t read the comics.  I did like the fact he was a triple-changer.    
Crosshairs was funny and had a neat [Aussie?] accent.  He seemed very young and full of himself.   
Lockdown’s face creeped me out.  Those lips were just...I don’t know, I couldn’t look away from them.  And the whole turn-your-face-into-a-really-big-gun thing was certainly different.
Galvatron was a let-down.  He didn’t look half as scary as Megatron, but he did seem just as bat-ass crazy as the cartoon Galvatron we all know and hate.  And that thing in his chest – did it eat part of OP’s sword?  I missed some of that fight scene because I blinked.  That reminded me of the guy from the DJD that has a furnace or something in his chest.  I don’t know his name.

Not enough screen time for Dinobots, IMO. 
Grim looked even better on a big screen, all teeth and fire.  Swoop, or I guess he’s called Strafe now, was very cool with the 2 heads.  Crunch, crunch.  Nice fight scene in the air.
Now, where the dinobots came from confused me.  At first, I thought that the metal skeletons found in the arctic were supposed to be the Dinobots, and I couldn’t figure out how they got from the arctic to near Hong Kong and how OP even found them.  It wasn’t until I got home and thought about the movie that I realized they were on Lockdown’s ship.  Right?  They were the ones OP released after he grabbed the sword, right?
See, I needed rewind again.

And what is this ‘knight’ stuff?
When did OP get boosters?  That was weird.
And a seed?  WTF.   Hey, which reminds me - what happened to the Matrix from the last movie?  Don’t make me watch that one again, pleeze....
Creators?  Quints, maybe?  I’d like to see how they would be done in CGI.  Actually, I wouldn’t mind the whole next movie done on another planet in CGI.  No squishies, at all.  Oh, pardon me – humans.

What to say about them?
I liked Cade better than Sam, both the characters and actors.  Lucky Charms annoyed me, probably because he reminded me of a punk, sneaking around behind the father’s back.
CIA guy was easy to hate.   Tuccio’s character was very funny, I enjoyed that comic relief.  Daughter was stupid and needed to be locked in her room until she turned 21.  The Chinese woman who kicked aft outside the elevator was also very likeable.
Eh, the people plot stuff bores me.  I go to see giant robots fighting.  (And there was a lot of fighting in this movie, so I was happy.)

Hong Kong
.  Oh, my.  Do people really live in apartment buildings all squished together like that?  And no railings?!  That was scary.
Hmm, I can’t think of anything else that impressed me.
All in all, I’d say it was perfect summer movie fair. 

Oh, to top everything off – as I was leaving, I started my truck and heard a clunk.
My belt slipped off the pulleys.  My friend had to drive me home and Larry & I went back later to call AAA for a tow. We were going to drop the truck off at the shop tonight anyway because of a leak and a rattle sound.
So, I wasted the whole, slagging day.

Poor Ace.


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