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Erie County Fair in Hamburg, NY

I looove the Fair!!
What's not to like?  Ya got food and antiques and rides and food and stuff to buy and animals and the Indian Village and food and photographs and veggies and food and more crap to buy and music and racing ducks and food and the demolition derby and parades and food and games and people-watching and beer. 


So, this year I entered two photographs in the Creative Arts exhibits.  And I won second place with both! 
Whoohoo - I rock!  Second gets me a red ribbon and $5.00 each. 
Here they are, first the seascape, and then the still life (it was a really, really, still life-hahaha). 


But, then I had to make a complaint regarding the antiques.  Antique, as defined in the rules, means 75 years (before 1934) and older, unless otherwise specified in a category.  This year, they had a class for McCoy pottery - which I have been collecting for over 10 years.  Older McCoy is hard to find, as this pottery was made to be used, and subsequently, was broken.  I chose 2 nice pieces, and here they are:

 (Not the elephant teapot!)

And what do I find has won?  A vase made in 1941 won first, and a bowl from 1961 won second!  What the hey!?!
If I had known that the judges didn't know their McCoy from a shit-hole in the ground, I would have entered entirely different, more impressive, and prettier pieces.  I was very angry.  I found one of my McCoy reference books that lists the dates, made copies of the title page and each page that had the winners, and handed it in to the Creative Arts Dept.  I told the lady that  they should get judges who know the items, or at least buy a reference book.  It made me feel better, and my fellow McCoy collector said I did the right thing.  We have an annual date to check out the fair, and went last Friday.  Here she is - KS - we just bought some fried potato-thingy to split. And it was yummy.  


Enuf bitching, here's some more pics.

I went with VW on the last day, Sunday.  She's holding my london broil sandwich, while I buy her a cheeseburger and a HUGE plate of curly-Q fries.  Almost as large as the previous potato-thingy. 

And this is what I'm going to look like if I keep eating those huge, fried, greasy potato-thingys.

I don't know who this was, they were resting outside the Woodcarvers building.  I just thought it looked funny.
Booperbiker was with me that day, but I didn't get a pic of her.  She's on the WOW site anyway. 

Here's a look down the Avenue of Flags.  It wasn't too crowded that day.

And look at the cool shirt I bought!  Who in Buffalo hasn't traveled over the Skyway and sniffed that distinctive smell of cooking Cheerios?  In case you don't know - which you probably don't - General Mills has a processing plant on the waterfront, where they, obviously, make Cheerios. 

This is from the Hysterical Historical Building.  It is a mannequin, but I thought it looked like some 1970's porn star.  And, you ask, how do I know what a '70's porn star looks like?  Well, I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate me.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  Insert other silly cliches here. 

A couple exhibits.  And no, I did not pay money to see them.  The giant rat is a capybara (and I know this because a long time ago I did pay money to see it) and I have seen enough giant snakes in my friend's pet store.  No biggie.

These guys were pretty cool.  A woman on stilts and a 'treeman' (who's on stilts).  He looked really cool up close, but must have been sweating his butt off, as it was around 85 degrees that day.

Old tractor exhibit.  Hey, I am a farm girl and I thought they were cool.

And last but not least, just to show I can find a Tformer reference almost anywhere I go, this entry from *snerk* the 'Bucket of Junk' category reminded me of Megatron.  Look, he's got a flail!  OK, hard to see, but it's in his right hand.  See it?  No?  Well, guess you had to be there.

I hate the fair.
When the fair is over, summer is over.




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