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smores and annoying neighbors

If your bonfire isn't burning,
you are out of marshmallows and Hershey bars,
and your graham crackers are soggy because you left the package open by the sink,
an acceptable substitute for smores can be made using a jar of marshmallow fluff and a Kit-Kat bar.

Speaking of bonfires, my neighbors annoyed me yesterday evening.
First, you must know, in general, land boundaries in the country aren't as distinct as those in cities.
If you are walking your land's edges and you stray a bit over, it is no big deal. I mean, you don't take your 4-wheeler and drive down the power lines from your land all the way over to the next parcel (like the asshats by mom's land did a few months ago). But, ten feet of overwalk is no big deal.
Anywho - 
My neighbor's house is far enough away that I can hear them if they yell, but really can't see anything in the yard, even in the winter when all the leaves are gone.
Oh, here's a good idea, I'll show you -

I outlined my land in shaky yellow lines.  As you can see, I own part of their driveway, almost right up to the corner of their house.  
So, it was about 7pm at night, dog's tied up outside and the windows were open.  
I was inside playing with my dragon pets on the computer and the dog starts barking - his "there's someone/thing out there" bark.  I hear the loud cracking of branches and wonder what the heck is tramping in the woods.  My first thought was it could be a bear.  Young black bear are on the move right now, and there have been sightings recently in the area, about 25 miles away.  Deer might make some crashing noises once in awhile, but those cracks were from thicker branches, not twigs.  There are some huge trees in that little section, and it was plausible that a bear could be climbing a tree.  

I got the dog inside, grabbed my shotgun (just in case.  I don't think I will go out in the woods without a gun anymore - too many sightings the past few years.) and went out the back doors to try and sneak a peek at what was causing the racket.  
I head up my little path and I can see 2 things crashing around.  Someone in the neighbors yard yells, and there is an answer from the noisy trespassers on my land.  When I realized they were human, I turned around and went back in the house.  

They were looking for wood for their bonfire without asking.  I think they took some of my cut log sections. How rude is that? 
Ticked me off, as they were way beyond the boundary, at least halfway to my house over the line.  If they had asked, I would have given them a nice load of wood.  
It's not worth the aggravation to go say something, unless it happens again.   

I hope they got cat poop on their shoes, as they were tromping around in the low area where I dump the cat boxes.  You know, where the ticks are.  

Oh, and on a personal note - I finally got rid of the winter pelt today and shaved my legs.  Took me 2 razors to get it done.  That means summer is here.  
Painting my toes red is next!  

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