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I had such an enjoyable time this morning. What a good waste of...let's see...tax and instructor tip and insurance in case I scuffed a bumper...OK, I wasted $458. But, holy slagging dino-poop, it was awesome and I was flying so high when we left.

I conned my buddy Betty into going with me for moral support, and we arrived at the stadium about 9:15am for my 10am appt.
Tiny cones and flags were set up in the parking lot to make a track. After signing in, we waited and watched the 9am group drive. There was one lady that drove the Ferrari, the rest were all men.

My group was also comprised of all men, except me, and I saw that only one other guy had paid for 6 laps. We got some basic instructions about having fun and don't rev the engine and stuff. I was the only one who asked questions, probably because I was so nervous. Also excited, but mostly nervous. I asked if it was stick or automatic, and was told it was...hmm, I forget the term he used, but we wouldn't use the clutch, at all. Just the brake and accelerator. The instructor would be doing any shifting, probably not above 3rd gear, all we had to do was hit the gas. Well, not hit the gas, because that would be bad and would make the engine go above the forbidden 6500 revs. No shifting with a clutch, that was good because I tend to ride the clutch when I drive.

Instructors took everyone around for the first lap so we could see how it was supposed to be, then we would switch and the instructor would ride shotgun.
My turn finally came, and I bumped my head while getting into the passenger side. Of course. derp.
I didn't take any pics of the inside because I left my phone in my purse with Betty. But, it looked almost exactly like this, except the seats weren't quilted.

The shifter was one of the two handles coming out of the right of the steering wheel and the instructor could reach over and do the shifting.

I ran my hand over the dashboard and embedded name. Leather seats that you could take a nap in, they were so comfy.
Oh, and I didn't have any problem fitting my fat aft inside. I guess you would only have to worry if you're too tall. My nephew, who's 6'5", spent a summer as a valet at a fine restaurant in OK. A Lambo came in once, and he really wanted to drive it, but he was too tall to fit. He was so disappointed. Of course, now I'm gonna lord it over him that I drove one! I'm such a mean auntie.
Anywho -

OMG. The lap with the instructor took my breath away and actually scared me. I thought we were gonna crash, he seemed to be going so fast, even though it was only about 60mph. I grabbed that door handle and was stomping the floor for the brake! I know I staggered when I got out to take over driving.
I had to sit a moment and take a few deep breaths before starting. I was sooo slooow. But, it didn't feel like anything I have ever driven before.
I mean, how fast can a pick-up truck take off, hmm? Not very. I've never driven or had any higher performance vehicles.
The instructor coached me throughout all the laps, and I was able to pick up the speed on the last straightaway. I kept hitting the brake in the back turn, because I always hit the brake before a turn, and it is a hard habit to stop. So, I'd slow in the turn, then punch it for the last section. I think I finally did everything correctly in my last lap. I guess we'll see when I get the video.

It could have been cheaper, but I was worried about running over cones and revving the engine over 6500rpms (because of that clutch riding tendancy) or scuffing the sides or wheels so I took out extra insurance bits. I could have saved $109 and not done the extra, but...better safe than sorry.
Apparently, the instructors don't get paid for their time and rely on tips. I tipped him $120, because he was really nice, but that was below the suggested 18% of the original value of the experience.
I also caved at the last minute and paid the extra $30 for a video. They have some sort of an inboard camera, and they will email the video to you in 7-10 days. I will post the vid when I get it.
But, you can whet your appetite for now with these few pics and vids I took.
Here's my wristband

The 2013 Ferrari whatever-it-was

The Lamborghini Gallardo, I believe he said 2006

The Lambo weighed about 1,000 lbs more than the Ferrari, and the engine sounds were completely different. Besides the horrible squeaky breaks on the Ferrari, you could hardly hear the engine from a distance. In comparison, the Lambo ROARED, reminding me of straight pipes on a Harley.

I remember he said the Lambo had 10 cylinders, and 550 ? hp. (I forget exactly, but it was five hundred something.), all wheel drive, and the Ferrari had rear wheel drive only, so they would handle completely different.
He illustrated this by saying, the Ferrari will "dance with you. The Lamborghini will take you to the dance." That really stuck in my mind.

Practice laps by the instructor in the Ferrari

and the Lambo

Hear the difference!
I did't go anywhere that fast. Yes, I was a wussy.

I would definitely recommend doing this, but you really need the 6 laps, not three. It took me 4 laps to lose my timidity. 

And, it was yellow. Fangirl squeeing the whole time.
I need to do this again next year.


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May. 31st, 2014 10:41 pm (UTC)
So awesome you got to drive your dream car!
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