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Flight Rising Battlestone info



Quick Guide to the Battle Stone system in Flight Rising (Part 1)

This is my attempt at presenting a basic guide to the Battle Stone system, how it works, when things become available, and the 3 basic builds you’ll need to know to get started.

What are Battle Stones?

Battle Stones are the spells, abilities, buffs, and enhancements your dragons use when fighting in the Coliseum. They come in 4 varieties: Energy, Ability, Augment, and Accessory. Each type has a shape indicator in the bottom left of the image.

  • Energy - Diamond - This type of stone is used to generate Breath, which your other abilities and spells require to be used.
  • Ability - Circle - This type of stone is for activated abilities like spells, buffs, and melee attacks.
  • Augment - Square - This type of stone is for continuous buffs to your stats (Str, Int, etc.).
  • Accessory - Triangle - This type of stone is used for passive benefits like being able to attack first and other beneficial things.

The gem at the center of the shape indicates if it is flight exclusive, and if so, what flight it belongs to.

  • White gems are flight neutral and can be used by any dragon
  • Brown gems are Earth flight exclusive
  • Red gems are Plague flight exclusive
  • Mint Green gems are Wind flight exclusive
  • Blue gems are Water flight exclusive
  • Teal gems are Lightning flight exclusive
  • Pale Blue gems are Ice flight exclusive
  • Purple gems are Shadow flight exclusive
  • Yellow gems are Light flight exclusive
  • Pink gems are Arcane flight exclusive
  • Green gems are Nature flight exclusive
  • Orange gems are Fire flight exclusive

Okay so what do I do with all that information?

Once you have a party set up you can see your dragon’s Battle Stones under the Abilities & Stats menu. The set up will look something like this: 


The left side shows your dragon’s Battle Stones.

  • 1st Row: Energy stone - Auto unlocked at level 1
  • 2nd Row: Ability stones - Unlocked at level 1, 3, 11, and 17
  • 3rd Row: Augment stones - Unlocked at level 5, 7, and 13
  • 4th Row: Accessory stones - Unlocked at level 9 and 15

The right side shows the dragon’s Name, Level, Breed, Flight, and Stats. It also shows if there are unspent stat points available for that dragon and your Battle Stone inventory from your Hoard. Only the full-colored stones are usable by that dragon.

From this screen you can change and add to your dragon’s Battle Stones. Note that changing out one stone for another in the same stone slot will destroy the stone already in that slot, so be careful. Also note that you have to press the Lock Stones button to make changes to them take effect.

You can also assign stat points by clicking the Stat Points Available button. You will be asked to confirm before the changes go into effect. Think carefully about where you want to assign stats as you will have to use a Tincture of Dissolution to reset them.

Quick detour into Stats:

  • Str - Strength - increases melee damage
  • Agi - Agility - increases critical hit chance and dodge chance
  • Vit - Vitality - your dragon’s health
  • Qck - Quickness - determines your dragon’s turn frequency
  • Int - Intelligence - increases magic damage and healing
  • Def - Defense - your dragon’s resistance to melee damage
  • Mnd - Mind - your dragon’s resistance to magic damage

This will be important to keep in mind for effective builds and when looking at Augment stones.

Quick Guide to the Battle Stone system in Flight Rising (Part 2)

Basic Battle Stone builds:

There are three basic builds: Mage, Rogue, and Tank. Each has 4 “core” Battle Stones which can be supplemented by other neutral stones or flight specific stones.

Mage - The “caster” build. Designed to cast spells, heal, and buff.

  • Energy: Meditate - Generates high Breath but debuffs  your physical damage output by 75%.
  • Ability: Contuse - Magic damage, also debuffs target offensive abilities. Cost Breath.
  • Augment: Scholar - Adds +5 Int, +3 Qck, +1 Agi until stone is removed.
  • Accessory: Discipline - 50% chance for your Meditate to generate double the amount of Breath.

Key stats are Intelligence, Quickness, and Agility.

You want the most magical “bang for your buck” as often as possible while avoiding being hit.

Rogue - The “DPS (damage per second)” build. Designed to do critical hits quickly without being hit in return.

  • Energy: Scratch - Low damage melee attack that generates some Breath.
  • Ability: Shred - Medium damage melee attack that adds a DOT (damage over time) Bleed effect to the target.
  • Ability: Eliminate - High damage melee attack that attempts to kill target. Refunds Breath on target kill.
  • Augment: Berserker - Adds +5 Str, +3 Qck, +1 Agi until stone is removed.

Key stats are Quickness, Agility, and Strength.

You want to cause as much damage as often as possible while avoiding being hit.

Tank - The “meatshield” build. Designed to protect others by absorbing blows.

  • Energy: Anticipate - Reduces the incoming damage for the next round, generates some Breath, and generates 15 Breath when hit.
  • Ability: Guard - When used has a chance for your dragon to come to the defense of (and take damage for) a party member for the next 5 turns.
  • Ability: Clobber - Low damage melee attack with a chance (based on the user’s Defense) to Stun the target for one turn.
  • Accessory: Ambush - Allows you to stike first in combat. Normal round progression resumes afterwards.

Key stats are Defense, Mind, and Vitality.

You want to be the brick wall. You resist damage of all kinds and are healthy enough to take the blows that slip through.

Quick note:

Ambush and Berserker may also work well with the Rogue and Tank builds respectively. I placed them with the builds above due to Berserker allowing a Rogue to be more effective than they could with natural Stat points alone, and Ambush allowing a Tank build to place Guard on a target before your opponent can attack and damage anyone.

Other Neutral Battle Stones:

"Shield" Abilities:

  • Bolster - creates a melee damage shield around the target for 5 rounds
  • Ward - creates a magic damage shield around the target for 5 rounds
  • Reflect - chance to reflect harmful OR benefitial melee/magic on the target (protects allies, debuffs enemies) for 5 rounds

"Buff" Abilities:

  • Haste - increases target’s turn frequency for 5 rounds
  • Concentration - increases target’s Intelligence for 5 rounds
  • Rally - increases target’s Strength for 5 rounds

"Heal" Abilities:

  • Regeneration - heals a small amount of the target’s health (based on caster Int) each round for a short time (5 rounds?)
  • Aid - heals some of the target’s health (based on caster Int) immediately
  • Sap - a low damage melee attack that drains health from the target and returns it to the user

Neutral Augments:

  • Acuity Fragment - Adds +1 Intellect until removed
  • Might Fragment - Adds +1 Strength until removed

Flight Specific/Compatible Augments:

  • [Flight specific] Acuity Fragment - Adds +2 Intellect until removed
  • [Flight specific] Might Fragment - Adds +2 Strength until removed
  • [Flight compatible] Hybrid Fragment - Adds Stats based on type


  • Field Manual - Allows you to see your opponent’s Ability and Breath bars.

Flight specific and Flight compatible stones will be discussed in the next part.

Quick Guide to the Battle Stone system in Flight Rising (Part 3)

Flight Specific Battle Stones:

Each Flight gets a Slash, Bolt, Specialized, Acuity, Might, and Hybrid stone that is compatible with it.

All Flight specific Acuity fragments add +2 Intellect while all Flight specific Might fragments add +2 Strength. Hybrid stones are compatible with multiple flights and add stats depending on those flights.


  • Rock Slash - Earth melee damage
  • Boulder Bolt - Earth magic damage
  • Fossilize - Earth damage. Chance to apply Petrify to target. Petrify - increases Defense but halts movement
  • Earthen Acuity/Might fragment - Adds +2 Intellect/Strength respectively


  • Pestilent Slash - Plague melee damage
  • Vial Bolt - Plague magic damage
  • Contaminate - Plague damage. Chance to apply Virus to target. Virus - target takes damage when healed
  • Diseased Acuity/Might fragment - Adds +2 Intellect/Strength respectively


  • Gust Slash - Wind melee damage
  • Zephyr Bolt - Wind magic damage
  • Disorient - Wind damage. Chance to apply Berserk to target. Berserk - randomly attacks friend or foe
  • Zephyr Acuity/Might fragment - Adds +2 Intellect/Strength respectively


  • Wave Slash - Water melee damage
  • Hydro Bolt - Water magic damage
  • Drown - Water damage. Chance to apply Slow to target. Slow - decreases speed (and turn frequency)
  • Aquatic Acuity/Might fragment - Adds +2 Intellect/Strength respectively


  • Thunder Slash - Lightning melee damage
  • Hydro Bolt - Lightning magic damage
  • Shock - Lightning damage. Chance to apply Paralysis to target. Paralysis - cannot use abilities
  • Charged Acuity/Might fragment - Adds +2 Intellect/Strength respectively


  • Freezing Slash - Ice melee damage
  • Frigid Bolt - Ice magic damage
  • Congeal - Ice damage. Chance to apply Freeze to target. Freeze - cannot attack
  • Frozen Acuity/Might fragment - Adds +2 Intellect/Strength respectively


  • Mist Slash - Shadow melee damage
  • Dark Bolt - Shadow magic damage
  • Shroud - Shadow damage. Chance to apply Blind to target. Blind - decreases accuracy
  • Dark Acuity/Might fragment - Adds +2 Intellect/Strength respectively


  • Blinding Slash - Light melee damage
  • Bright Bolt - Light magic damage
  • Enamor - Light damage. Chance to apply Silence to target. Silence -  cannot use abilities
  • Shining Acuity/Might fragment - Adds +2 Intellect/Strength respectively


  • Rune Slash - Arcane melee damage
  • Mana Bolt - Arcane magic damage
  • Enfeeble - Arcane damage. Chance to apply Amplify to target. Amplify - increases magical damage taken
  • Magical Acuity/Might fragment - Adds +2 Intellect/Strength respectively


  • Jungle Slash - Nature melee damage
  • Leaf Bolt - Nature magic damage
  • Envenom - Nature damage. Chance to apply Poison to target. Poison - inflicts nature DOT (damage over time)
  • Natural Acuity/Might fragment - Adds +2 Intellect/Strength respectively


  • Blazing Slash - Fire melee damage
  • Flame Bolt - Fire magic damage
  • Sear - Fire damage. Chance to apply Burn to target. Burn - increases melee damage taken
  • Fiery Acuity/Might fragment - Adds +2 Intellect/Strength respectively

Hybrid Fragments:

  • Glass Hybrid: Lightning, Ice, and Arcane. Adds +2 Int, +2 Qck
  • Shale Hybrid: Water, Nature, Light, Wind. Adds +2 Agi, +2 Vit
  • Obsidian Hybrid: Earth, Plague, Shadow, Fire. Adds +2 Str, +1 Def, +1 Mnd


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