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Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall

On a serious note....

It's after midnight and it's officially July 4th - Independance Day.  What better time to post our trip to The Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall, which was set up at Knox Farm State Park in East Aurora, NY.  Officially called the "American Veterans Traveling Tribute"  - it honors all Veterans and persons serving our country today.  

Arriving at Knox Farm, we parked our bikes and cut thru the Zen Garden.
We had a good group for this trip, pictured from left to right, seated are:  Prime, Sweetpea and Ravenstar.
Standing left to right are:  Booperbiker, Themadhatter, BoPink, Squeekee, Bubbles and Fringee.
Thanks Dormouse, for taking the pic!

Our shortcut took us to the back of the wall, where it ran from left to right for over 370 feet.  The Wall is an 80% size replica, and stands over 8 feet tall.  It lists the names of those killed by day.  You can see only one name in the beginning, and at the apex, there are hundreds. 

"This tribute is dedicated to the memory of our brothers and sisters who lost their lives in the Vietnam War and to the Missing in Action and Prisoners of War who were left behind in Southeast Asia."


The Cost of Freedom displays are 9 large memorials represented in gold dog tags under glass to remember and honor all who died in service since Vietnam, including 9/11.
There were also posters set up, with info on the different wars we've been involved in.
It was hard for me to comprehend the numbers.  So many....







Finally, it was time to go.


We left the peaceful park, and made our way to George's for lunch.
Notice the group of bicyclists coming at us on the left.  
I know, I'm a bad girl, playing with the camera while riding. 

For more info on The Wall, go to:

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